How To Impress A Girl You Consider An Acquaintance

Step 1: Dress To Impress Her

If you wonder how to impress a girl you've just met for the first time, how you dress can already give her a peek at your personality. A man who is well-groomed and dressed will exude confidence and it shows the girl that he can be responsible enough to take care of daily tasks. Keep in mind that your outfit should be age appropriate and should represent your personality or what you do for a living.

Focus on the following areas of your grooming:

-Make sure you take a shower at least once a day. Always use soap and shampoo to ensure you are properly cleaned. It is advisable to shower in the morning so you can start your day fresh.

-Don't use too much cologne. Two or three sprays of your favorite cologne does the trick.

-Keep your facial hair well-managed. Make it a point to shave on a daily basis, or if you're growing a beard or mustache, keep it properly groomed.

-Always ensure your clothes are clean and freshly laundered. Never wear clothes from the day before. If you have a tight schedule, opt to do your laundry over the weekend so you have enough clothes to wear.

-Your breath should feel fresh and your teeth should be clean. Always brush your teeth after each meal and rinse with mouthwash. When you can't brush your teeth after a meal, always keep a pack of breath mints.

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Step 2: Always Show How Polite You Are

Most men make the mistake of assuming that being loud and obnoxious shows how in control they are. However, this is not something most girls want in a man. Keep your manners in check and treat everyone with respect. Remember, just because you're respectful, it doesn't mean you're boring.

Here are some ideas on how to be polite:

-Hold open the door for others. For example, if you see someone walking behind you or struggling with groceries, hold the door.

-Don't use crude language when talking to a girl. It's okay to let go with your friends, but not when you're trying to get a girl's attention.

-Use the words "please" and "thank you" when necessary. Also use phrases like "I'd like to" or "I'd appreciate it if".

Step 3: Always Think Before Speaking Out

Think about what you're going to say and how it will sound before saying it. We all slip up once in a while, but if you wonder how to impress a girl, start by keeping your comments in check.

Never talk about other girls or others you have dated. You may feel like it makes you appear sought after or even impressive, when all it does is make you appear shallow. Most girls won't feel jealous when you mention other girls; they will just avoid you altogether.

Don't try to impress someone by putting others down. Making fun of others or making immature comments will make you appear like a bully.

Wicked humor and dirty jokes don't always impress a girl. In fact, most girls feel really put off by them.

Step 4: Pay A Compliment

It's not difficult to pay someone you like a nice complement. Just make sure it's something that comes off as sincere. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

-Complement her about what you like best about her. It could be her smile, her great laugh or any number of positive personality traits. Keep in mind it's not appropriate to talk about her figure or her overall beauty.

-Short and simple is the way to go. There is no need to create a poem about her.

-Compliment the girl and not an item. If you like her dress, say "You look wonderful wearing that dress".

Step 5: Do Something Nice

If you wonder how to impress a girl the right way, make her feel special. After all, that's what any person wants. Do something nice that shows you care.

When she wants to talk, let her talk it out with you and answer her texts and phone calls. If she needs help with something, help her out. Last but not least, create a secret connection by creating an inside joke.

Impressing a girl is not hard, but you need to keep your attitude and style in check. Too much of something can make you appear shallow or even hard to get.


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