How To Kiss A Girl: Make Her First Kiss With An Out Of This World Experience

When two people are dating, the first kiss is the most important. After all, it can either pull the couple together or break them apart. For men, knowing when they should and where they should kiss a woman the first time is extremely difficult.

If you want to make a first kiss as memorable as you can, then you need to know what factors there are to make it the perfect, first kiss. If you're dating a woman that you're extremely attracted to and have yet to make your move, then you should know how to kiss a girl so that the experience is memorable for her... years and years from now.

Do you have what it takes to know how to kiss a girl? Every man has the ability to learn these "how to kiss a girl" tips, and if you're looking to capitalize on that first kiss with that gorgeous woman, you'll do whatever you can to make her experience with you one she'll swoon and crave again and again.

How To Kiss A Girl: Two Qualities Women Would Kiss A Man For

Daring - Women long for men who are daring and courageous; a man who will take charge of things and surprise them at times. If you really like a woman and she likes you as well, then you can be the daring man she's longing for.

Mystifying - Women also desire men who have an air of mystery surrounding them; someone will keep them guessing with what comes next. This air of intrigue and desire will make that first kiss all the more mysterious and mystifying.

How To Kiss A Girl: How To Know She's Ready

Okay, you're out on a date with a woman you really have the hots for. The date is going smoothly and you have no regrets about being with her. Yet, you have a dilemma. You're not real sure if you should give her that first kiss. How do you know she's ready for you to make that move for the first time? You may even wonder if you know how to kiss a girl in the first place. Before you go wondering about that issue, it's time to deal with the first aspect: should you even do it? Well, here are some things you can do to help you know how to kiss a girl...

Just Ask Her If She Minds - The easiest approach, although certainly not the most romantic, is just asking her if she minds. If the mood and setting is right, there will no need for you to ask. However, some women do like the asking since it makes a man appear to care about them. Don't rush it because you want the moment to be something she'll always remember.

Know What She's Thinking - If your date with that beautiful woman is going great, you'll know when to go in for your kiss. Women like men who can read their minds especially when it comes to kissing and sex. Thus, read the clues she gives you. And remember... women will say one thing but mean something else.

Look For Her Responses - Before you even try and kiss a woman, you need to know if she's in the right frame of mind. You should never try making the move on her if she hasn't been responding to you in a positive manner and certainly never do it when she's in a bad mood.

If you really want to go all out, then build up some anticipation before you try. Start by getting close to her and snuggling up; do some nibbling on her ear and breathe ever so lightly on her neck. Watch for the responses she gives you and then make your move on her.

How To Kiss A Girl - 4 Breathtaking, Earth Shattering Kisses That Will Make Her Crave You More

So now you know when you should kiss her, it's time you learn how to kiss a girl. You may not know it but there are all kinds of kissing options available, and they fall under just four categories. What category you do will depend on the two factors: the woman herself and that moment.

Bold Kisses - When you want one that's unique and sexually charged, the bold, daring kiss works to your favor. This involves the entire body including the tongue and lips. To make it work in your favor, be sure you include some petting and necking of the back, chin, cheeks, arms, fingers, etc.

What you're trying to do is show her that you admire her body and that you find her extremely attractive. The kinds of kisses that fall into this category include:

- Aggressive

- Neck

- Quickie

- Surprise

- Tiger

Sensual, Loving Kisses - Are you looking for a kiss that'll take her breath away? With this one, you can do just that? All you do is begin slowly and work your way in intensity. The sensual kiss must be extremely intense and has some roughness behind it.

The five kinds of kisses that fall into this category include:

- Forever

- Sensual Surprise

- Simple

- Tempting

- Vampire

Taunting Kisses - Do you want to make a woman crave you? Then taunt her before you kiss her lips? How do you do this? If you want her to crave you, be sure you're exploring all over her body, not just her lips and tongue. You want to bring her to the brink of ecstasy before kissing her so that it's that much more intense when you make your move. The five types of kissing that fall under this category include:

- Frustration

- Lip Sucking

- Lip Tease

- Nip

- Talking

Intimate Kisses - Besides the Taunting Kisses, you can also do intimate kissing to make your woman swoon. How does it work? As you're kissing her, whisper words of ecstasy into her ear, describing in detail what you'd like to do with and to her. Be sure she can understand you and that you're breathing softly as you talk. If she's really into the conversation, she'll moan with pleasure and be turned on. This is great if you want to take things a bit further with her.

The five kinds of kissing that come into this category include:

- Angel

- Breathe

- French

- Rolling Tongue

- Tracing

Do you need anything else in regards to how to kiss a girl and make such an impression that she will remember it for years down the road... even if you're not together anymore? With the different kinds of kissing that you can do and the help of these other tips and clues, you'll have kisses that will make any woman melt for you and the memory.


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