How to Pick Up Girls - The Right Strategy to Approach Her

If you want to know how to pick up girls with high success rate, there are a few tips that you can implement immediately which will made you somewhat ahead from the rest of the guys in the area. I will assume that you will attempt to pick up girls in a club since that is the easiest place to find a bunch of hot chicks; the competition is going to be hard, yet the prize is worth it. I am also going to presume that you will only look for one night stand. Listed below are a few things that you can do:

1. Come 1 or 2 hours before closing time. This is not necessarily essential, yet if you are new on the game, it is usually helpful to play in a stage where there aren't too many competitors remaining. At this hour, you'll discover that many hot guys have left and the leftover hot chicks who don't wish to spend the rest of the night alone at their couch looking at infomercial are going to be somewhat desperate to find someone.

2. Don't stay at your corner while keep scanning the room for target; you'll look creepy. Instead, be involved with activities; chat, dance, and so forth. Even if you come alone, there are many friendly guys and girls that you could talk to casually, especially the bartender. Be friendly. During this period, also look for eye contact and notice possible targets for later.

3. Eye contact must be used to determine what she thinks about you. If you get slight smile or flirting glance, it is a good sign, but if she immediately look away when your eyes meet hers, then forget about her. If you already get positive eye contact several times, it will be easier to open a conversation later.

4. You will never understand how to pick up girls if you won't act. Recognize your target, study her for a few minutes; if she is in a group with a few males in it, determine whether she has romantic relationship with one of the men or not. If she's clear, make your move.

Note: do not wait for her at the toilet, bar, or other occasion when she gets separated from her group. You might have to wait all night and the result may not worth it. Keep in mind that you decide to approach her, not the opposite, so stand up and walk toward her. If large group seems too much to handle, choose a girl with no more than three friends with her.

Don't approach from her back or other blind spot; you'll not be appreciated if you all of a sudden pop out behind her, she might even panic and get her guy friends to get you away from her. Make sure she can easily see you when you approach; walk slowly, smile, and have confidence on yourself.

5. You can either focus on the males within the group (look for allies), speak to one of your target's female friends, or talk to her directly when you've arrived. There are many of opener which you can use here, be a little humorous can definitely help. Bear in mind that if your target extremely gorgeous, don't compliment her immediately; she already have got that the whole night.

DO NOT assume it to be smooth at all times; 4 of 9 girls might reject you (yes, often they are the hottest girls with the shortest skirt) and it may not even your fault (bad day, already have someone in her mind, and so on). Just be a man by leaving with dignity; you will not win a fight if you frightened of some bruises. Many guys that ask me "how to pick up girls" back off after hearing this. Keep your precious ego or jump to the battleground, get some good bruises, and grab the reward. Your choice.

6. Should you managed to get this far, your job now is be recognized as a enjoyable guy to spend the night with. Toss humor in your conversation (do not go overboard though), stay mysterious, and concentrate the conversation on her. The trick is keep away from yes-no question and concentrate on her opinion; ask her something like "how is your day?" or "if you can choose where to live, where would that be?". Basically something which will make the conversation flow and not dull.

During the conversation, you will need to create "sparks" by keep flirting and teasing her; this will make her see you as a man with higher social status and that you're not merely another potential guy friends.

7. Isolate her from her group,thus making you her only focus. You can do this by placing yourself so you can have solo conversation or ask her friends if you can "borrow" her for a while. You cannot learn how to pick up girls simply by studying books and practicing by yourself. You just need to get out there and do it. You will find rejection and maybe even humiliated, but nothing can be gained by holding to your ego. In the end of the night, the one that charge into the battlefield and get a few bruises achieve the prize while the one which only sit and watch get home alone.


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