How to Pick Up Girls - Everything You Need to Know

Learning how to pick up girls is an art that requires finely tuned skills which can be improved upon only through practice. If you have been off the dating scene for a while you might want to take it slow initially and study how things have developed since your last foray and then make tentative inroads after knowing how to pick up girls in the first place.

The saying that women are from Venus and men are from Mars is quite true. There is no way you can completely figure out women. They cannot be generalized and each woman has her own quirky behavior and most of them are unpredictable and confusing even to intelligent men. There is no need for you to study Venusian in order to know how to pick up girls. If you wait around to understand women before you try to seduce them, you would be a very old man when you have your first date.

The first thing to be sure is what you want. If you are looking for a casual fling or a one night stand or even a wild sexual adventure then the kind of women you target your focus on should be of that type. It is never hard to find women who are of loose morals and are as promiscuous or even more than men. Finding these women is the first step to learning how to pick up girls.

If on the other hand you are on the lookout for someone special, a girl with whom there would be a possibility of a long term relationship, then you need to restructure your priorities and targeting mechanisms. Finding the girl who is 'Your type' is the first step. You might come across someone in your office lobby or at a coffee shop to whom you take a fancy to. You can always pursue this fancy to find out if she is the right one.

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Let's see the first scenario where sleeping with is more of a priority for you than having a relationship. For seducing such women you need to adopt a sensual air and perfect the art of flirting. You can pretend as much as you want to or even spin yarns if you are good at it.

The primary focus should be on bedding these women and all your efforts directed and making them feel the intense desire that you want to sleep with them through your amorous flirting and sexual innuendos. The best place to find such women would be in rowdy pubs and discos which attract such women in droves. Five minutes of careful study can help you sort out the bad apples from the good ones and go for them. That is something you need when you are learning about how to pick up girls.

Being quick witted and charming helps to gain the initial attention and the rest is taken care of by your gift of the gab. Most women who sleep around are often dumb. Otherwise they wouldn't be doing it and ruining their reputation to such a degree that no man would be interested in them for a long term relationship. This factor helps you seduce them more easily. However their wide experience would make them very aware of even the subtlest passes you make and you might need to pretend to be a bit different than the regular guys she has been with.

If you are looking for someone special with a view to having a long term relationship, it is better to be yourself and not pretend. Whatever pretending you do is bound to fall off in the long run in case you manage to seduce them and they would come to think of you as a fake. The key in seducing such decent women who themselves are not inclined to go for casual flings lies in maintaining the sexual tension but brushing it off and focusing on getting to know them better.

The thought of sleeping with them should be relegated to the back of your mind and so it would be, if you start liking them as you get to know them more and more. Bedding them would come later on and would be a natural result of the process and would be the final step in your learning how to pick up girls.


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