Want to Learn How to Pick Up Girls at Bars? 7 Tips

A bar is the easiest place to pick up girls. Picking up girls in bars is easy if you know how to approach them the right way. You need to stand out and make yourself more noticeable than other guys. A lot of other guys want to learn how to pick up girls at a bar, and you can stay ahead of your competition by making yourself more appealing.

With that said, here are some tips on how to pick up girls at bars:

1. Before leaving your house, you need to make sure that you look great. You don't have to be an Adonis to get girls' attention, but you still need to look presentable. First impressions are important, after all. Wear nice clothes, brush your teeth, comb your hair, etc. Make sure that you wear good cologne and not the cheap kind if you want to pick up girls at bars.

2. You need to act confident if you want to be noticed. Even if you're shy and nervous, you still need to pretend to be confident. Hold your head up high and make contact with girls. A lot of other guys in the bar will probably be nervous too, although some are better than hiding it than others. Those who at least try to fake their confidence will be able to pick up girls at bars better than those who let their nervousness get the best of them.

3. Picking up girls at bars means you might have to approach them. Unless you're lucky and then approach you first, you are going to have to overcome your shyness and go up to them. Stay away from girls who are hanging around other guys you don't want to start any trouble when you try to pick up girls at bars. If she's alone, go up to her, smile, and say hi. If she doesn't seem interested, don't bug her. Don't worry about being turned down. It happens all the time when it comes to picking up girls in bars. If you want to approach a group of girls, treat them all nicely. Even if there's only one you're interested in, you should still be nice to her friends.

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4. When engaging a girl in conversation, keep everything positive. Only talk about the positive things in your life and not the negative ones. Girls go to bars to have fun, so whining or complaining about your ex or job will only push them away.

5. If you want to pick up girls at bars, don't be loud and obnoxious. It's okay to have fun and enjoy yourself, but you don't want to be that annoying guy who gets on everybody's nerves. Don't drink anymore alcohol than you can handle, either. When it comes to picking up girls in bars, you shouldn't let yourself become too drunk.

6. Observe, observe, observe. Listen to what girls say in bars and pay attention to everything that they do. In order to pick up girls at bars, you should observe them for a few minutes before approaching them. If you can hear what they're talking about, you may hear something that you can bring up during your own conversation with her. It's better to plan your moves carefully before approaching a woman than to go right up to her as soon as you see her. Picking up girls requires some patience on your part.

7. Always smile and be Mr. Friendly. Smile at every female you see as you learn how to pick up girls at a bar. If any of them ignore, you, pay them no mind and keep on smiling anyway. Some guys are rude and obnoxious in bars. If you are always smiling, women will find you more approachable. Also, be sure to compliment women. You don't want to overdo the compliments, or they'll think you're just trying to score points.

The best way to compliment a woman is to be sincere. Don't tell her that you like her shirt if you really don't. Honesty is the best policy when picking up girls at bars.

Picking up girls at bars requires honesty, friendliness, confidence, and the ability to observe and to listen. If you follow these tips, you'll know how to pick up girls at a bar every time you go to one!


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