How to Text A Girl

There are a TON of articles on the web about "how to text a girl", "how to be a player", "how to convince a girl to take you home" etc. These things reek of cologne and lonely nights.

These articles, if you can call them that, talk like their written for suave, jock, frat-boy types but in reality they are designed to snare lonely and confused boys who feel far from home in some way or another.

Don't despair! This is not one of those deals. I am going to assume that if you are still reading this you are tired of reading the typical guy-magazine drivel that never helps.

In all likelihood you probably already know what to say, but what a lot of guys don't understand is how important it can be to a girl just HOW you text her.

For your benefit and mine I have done extensive research into the wonderful world where telecommunications and smart-phones meet hormones and lingerie.

My own personal experience has proved time and time again that it is always a good idea to let her do the talking.

She will not only naturally enjoy this but will subconsciously and habitually fall into this this tendency on her own. Girls are, by the laws of nature, better texters than men are.

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This brings us to the next important tip, which is, that you have to be the one to provide the ideas. Do not ask her what she wants to do, tell her what interesting and fun things you are doing through texts.

Do not wait for her to ask you out, ask her to meet you for a coffee or a smoothie or even a drink.

But whatever you do, do not pump her for information and fact about herself- a lot of guys think that this is a good strategy, it's not.

Texting is not an interrogation and it is not a supplement for actual contact or real conversation.

Do not try and get to know a girl, or anyone for that matter, over texts, or even the internet, unless you are a hapless fool who is willing to be taken like a sucker.

The power of the text is that it allows you to better facilitate engaging in actual conversation. It is on more way we have these days to make a date.

This should be the goal when you are texting with the girl you like. Maybe you just met or maybe you are looking to change the nature of a pre-existing relationship, either way you are going to have to engage this person one on one in a romantic atmosphere.

Texting is a relatively new communication technique that guys can use to plant the idea of being a prospective mate in the minds of any beautiful girl with a cell phone! "What brave new world is... "

The best way to effectively text a girl is to be casual. You should not only appear casual you should actually be casual. This is pretty much true in any kind of romantic engagement.

Texting can be clumsy and easily misinterpreted, so keep it light. Do not text her too often or reply too quickly, but do not ignore her either.

Ideally, she will get the message that you just thought of her and it was a good thing so you sent her a text, she is not going to be flattered if she thinks that you have been obsessing over her.

If texting is going well it will lead to a physical meet up. If it starts to become a conversation, do not continue it via text! Watch out for this.

Girls will have no problem having long conversations with casual *friends* via text, but if you have just met or you are looking to be more that a friend, do not do this.

Suggest that you continue the conversation over lunch or drinks.

Remember, be yourself. I know it sounds lame, but it is true. There are no magic words to say or magic text to send that can lead you into a girl's bed. It is all attitude and confidence, strategy and execution.

Do not texts too much, do not text too little, walk the middle line and set up an actual meeting as soon as you can, even if it is a group activity, you both will have more fun.


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