How To Impress A Girl You Like

Am I the guy girls crave for?

Does she really like me?

Is this what you often ask yourself?

But why man! What is the problem with you? Are you not confident of yourself or what?

You can be a good human being or you can also attract the girl you desire for, but how? What will you do when you see that there is enough cream around! I mean to say that how will you be sure that the girl whom you like also likes you, when there are so many great looking rich guys all around!

Here lies the problem with you guys, when you remain in the belief that girls only get attracted to great looking, sexy and rich guys. This is not the truth, buddy. And if you think that your girl runs after looks and money, then I do not think that she is the perfect choice for you.

So sorry to say this, but whats the benefit of wasting your precious time by running after such girls, today she is with you because you are handsome and rich, but what if you lose your money and good looks in some accident of your life!

So, try to make some genuine friends or girlfriends otherwise wrong choice sometimes make you feel embarrassed in certain situations.

Here are the tips for you to impress the girl you want:

1. Be confident

You should have self-confidence in you, because this will make you achieve what you want in your life. If you are not self-confident and move ahead to propose a girl of your choice, what do you think will she accept you?

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get a girlfriend as an introvert

No, not at all, buddy because girls don't like insecure men, even if she likes you, she will reject you at once.

Smart girls go for smart men

2. Be realistic- do not try to impress her

Yes, this may sound weird to you for the first time, but this is the reality.


Trying to plant a tree on a barren land will give you no fruit. Similarly, building a new relationship on fake identity can never give you success. If you genuinely like someone then you have to be what you are. Then only the other person will like you. You will also be proud of getting the girl you desired for. Otherwise, this will end in shame with a tight slap on your face!

OUCH!!! It sounds bad, really!

So buddy, present yourself to her the way you are. Otherwise this is going to result in a disastrous relationship.

She will love the man who you are trying to present, not the man that you are! Women like real men and consider them as being sexy. So, do think about it carefully !

3. Be different- Make your own identity

Trying to imitate the guys who are always surrounded with girls is not a healthy way to impress a girl. If you want a smart girl to get attracted towards you, then you have to be somewhat different from other guys. Make your own distinction to get noticed in a crowd.

Your girl will definitely notice you and try to know you, what kind of a person you are.

4. Keep an attitude

A bit of an attitude always works for a real man when he wants to impress a woman of substance. So, keep a certain attitude in you, after all, you are not that common.

Do not be so approachable that others start taking you for granted.

Stick to yourself until and unless she herself makes some efforts to reach up to you.

The tougher is the journey to a destination, the sweeter the destination becomes. Let her take some pains to get you. Do not let her know that you want her, otherwise this will break the mystery in her mind for which she is facing problems.

5. Be intellectual

Girls always get impressed by intellectual men and this is a fact. Even a dumb woman will always seek a smart and intellectual man, so it is obvious what a smart woman seeks for. Having a great presence of mind highly attracts a girl towards you. You should have a wide knowledge about anything and everything so that whatever your girl tries to talk about, you are aware of that thing. Sitting like a donkey will never let you impress the girl you want.


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