What The Guys of Jersey Shore Can Teach Us About Attracting Women

MTV's Jersey Shore is one of the most ridiculous reality-television shows out right now. For those of you that don't know, the show follows 8 crazy twenty-somethings spending the summer at the Jersey Shore and Miami Beach. Although the cast is filled with complete IDIOTS, a few of the guys (specifically Pauly D) are straight-up naturals when it comes to women.

You can hate on them all you want (and for good reason), but the bottom line is these guys seem to pull lots of girls. Since this is the case, it's worth examining what these orange skinned, greasy haired, fist-pumping odd-balls are doing right and how you can implement it into your own life to start attracting women.

1. Body Language

One of the first qualities I noticed about all the dudes on Jersey Shore is they all have REALLY solid body language. Their chests are out, their heads are up, and their bodies sit nice and straight. Don't get me wrong, it's a little on the bravado end, but it's still still worth taking notes on.

Maybe it's the fact that they hit the gym 20 times a week, but they always look like they just bench pressed a freakin' elephant. I'm not even talking about there built either, but more so the way they aren't afraid to take up space in a room.

2. Relaxed Confidence

This one is HUGE. I noticed that Pauly D has what I like call "relaxed confidence." It's rock-solid confidence and belief in oneself, but packaged up in a very relaxed, chill, laid-back manner. Think of guys like Jay-Z, TI, Hugh Hefner, Vince Chase from Entourage. These type of men are the poster children for having relaxed confidence. They have a 100% belief in themselves but are SUPER chill about it and because of this, are VERY likable. That's why I constantly hear people complaining that all the guys on the show are complete douche bags and the only cool guy seems to be Pauly D.

From my experience studying naturals, these type of men are THE best at attracting women...

Watch how Pauly D interacts with girls. He doesn't get worked up, he isn't out of control, he's not overly loud or obnoxious, is super chill yet is VERY confident, assertive and goes after what he wants.

3. Assumed Attraction

Watch Mike The Situation work the clubs, especially in season 2. I've noticed when he goes up to women, he assumes that they'll be attracted to him. It's as if he has the mentality that every woman in the room is DYING to meet him. What's funny about this is it gets to the point where he's almost delusional about it. Yet since he has so much conviction about this belief, when he actually goes and approaches, the women find it incredibly attractive.


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Women tend to take on your reality. If you're nervous to kiss them, you'll freak them out. If you're relaxed around them, they'll feel comfortable around you. Likewise, if you truly believe that the woman across the room is DYING to meet you to the point where you're delusional about it, when you actually go and approach, this belief will resonate through your words and actions and because of this, she'll be more than likely greet you positively.

4. I See, I Take Mentality

What I like about the guys from Jersey Shore, is when they see a woman want, they step up and go after her. They don't think "Oh I don't she'll be into me..." or "Oh she probably has a boyfriend" or any other wussy thoughts like that. They're men and they take what they feel they're entitled to.

A sense of entitlement is one of THE most important mindsets you need to develop in attracting women. It's being unequivocally certain that you're on her level, that you two should be together and stepping up to make it happen. Think about it, if you don't even think you deserve the woman, why the hell should the woman. Yet when you know without a doubt what you want and are unapologetic about this to a woman, it's hard to resist.

There were a few scenes from Season 1 where the guys were walking home from the club empty handed, saw hotties on the street, and went after them like a Lion hunting down a Gazelle. There was one one scene in particular where the girls were even in the car about to drive home, but they saw, they went and they brought them back home. That's champion behavior.

5. Be The Party

When you see these guys at clubs, they ARE the party. They know wherever they go is the coolest, most fun part of the room so they're always having a blast within their group. You'll see them huddled up in circle, banging their fists in the sky and going wild on the dance floor. They're doing their own thing and not caring what anyone thinks of them. It may look ridiculous, but the truth of the matter is they're having more fun than anyone else.

Women find this infectious. They always gravitate towards where the coolest part of the room is at. So when you're out, don't look around to find where all the fun is happening. Don't sit their with your drink pressed up against your chest waiting for something to happen. You and your friends ARE the party. You guys should be doing your own thing and having a blast with or without women. Ironically, women will pick up on this and inevitably want to join in on the fun.

6. Abundance Mentality

Having an abundance mindset could arguably be THE most important aspects of inner game. On so many levels it will determine how successful you'll be with this. It's having a deep understanding that there are literally billions of women in the world and since this is the case, the success or failure of attracting with any one in particular is irrelevant. The Jersey Shore guys really embody what this means.

When they're at the club they go up to girl after girl with ZERO fear of rejection because they know if one doesn't work out, there are a bazillion more to meet. If one rejects them, they're on to the next. If that one doesn't like them, they're on to the next. And on and on and on... They know that just around the corner they'll find a woman that will be "DTF" and they don't mind getting blown off a few times to find her. Ironically, women find the "I don't care" attitude irresistible so finding that woman comes much sooner than later.

7. 10/10 Mentality

Take a look at Mike The Situation. He TRULY believes he was sent from God as gift to all women on the planet. The show is hilarious because again, it's to the point where he's delusional about it. He believes HE is the prize and it's actually women's privilege to be with him. This mentality comes to life from the way he walks, talks and acts whenever he's around them.

Some women find this arrogant, self-absorbed, narcissistic, etc. However, most women have respect in his belief in himself and even more are attracted to him because of it. In the same way men pounce on the rare woman with 10/10 physical attractiveness, women pounce on the rare man with 10/10 self confidence. The Situation is one of those men. He doesn't care if the whole world says he's a 1/10. He believes he's a 10/10 and that's what matters most.

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