Want to Know What Attracts Women? It's Probably Not What You Think

Okay, so what do women look for in a guy? There are plenty of men who are under the impression that when women are looking for men, they want someone who's tall, or classically handsome, or strong, or a celebrity, or wealthy... or any combination. But doesn't that just make it real easy to give up even trying to meet a desirable woman, just because you weren't born with those attributes?

There's no doubt that at least women are initially attracted to men with those attributes, but the more closely you look into it, the more you'll realize that there are exceptions to nearly all these "rules."

Tall Men - Women claim that they're attracted to tall men. There are all sorts of possible reasons for this - perhaps she just wants to wear really tall heels, for instance, without towering over the guy. Just because a man isn't six feet tall, though, has nothing to do with his ability to please a woman - a fact that millions of smart, gorgeous women are well aware of! Nobody's going to consider Neil Strauss (aka "Style") tall at 5'6", but there's no escaping the fact that he's one of the world's most successful pick up artists. That must mean that women's insistence that they only go for tall men isn't really a "rule."

Handsome Men - Just like men enjoy watching attractive women, women enjoy watching attractive men, and if it's practical, enjoy having them around. My personal experience, though, is that movie-star looks aren't really necessary to catch a woman's attention. On a really good day - and I mean really, really good - my looks can best be described as "ordinary." On most days, though, people are inclined to call me "repulsive."


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Tough Guys - You remember the whole thing about nice women being attracted to "bad boys." She claims that she's attracted to someone who can move the furniture without help, or protect her from physical harm (other tough guys). Neil Strauss comes instantly to mind. He's certainly no tough guy, measuring up at five-foot-six - and I don't mind telling you he's one scrawny little dude to boot. You may want Neil at your side in a lot of different situations, but a fistfight isn't one of them. Clearly, then, while physical strength might be nice to have, it's not the thing that attracts women to men.

Famous Men - The assumption is that celebrities live these fascinating lives, and that mere proximity to them will lift a woman out of a boring, routine existence. She might be thinking that she'll share his travel plans, or have to have bodyguard protection. Can you think of a friend who seems to have no trouble at all when it comes to meeting and dating new women? (Isn't it the case that most of us can?) Without knowing a thing about him, I'll tell you it's highly unlikely he's a movie star or a rock star, or a famous athlete or a famous anything.

Rich Dudes - The old cliche is that "money goes where money is." Lots of us think that women go there, too. Women can count on wealthy men to buy them all sorts of things - real jewelry, designer clothes and accessories, exotic vacations and the like. But for every wealthy man who's basically buying a woman's affections, there are plenty of poor guys, just barely scraping by, who aren't having any trouble at all in their dating lives. Women love that stuff.

Let's look at the situation in detail. Maybe you were born poor and didn't have an awful lot of opportunities in life. This isn't going to be news to you: complaining doesn't help. Here's a little-known fact - those dudes that seem to be lucky with women all the time are just using that luck as a crutch.

Think about it - of all the tough guys you know, how many are in successful relationships? How many have a really successful dating life? Isn't it the case that most of the time, the reason they're going out with a different woman is because the last woman they went out with didn't want to see them anymore?

The attributes that make these men initially attractive to women often lead to their downfall. For instance, if a man's relied on his good looks for success in whatever he's endeavoring, he's going to continue to rely on his good looks. What sort of decent woman will continue to date such a fellow? What sort of decent woman will want to get into a real relationship with him?

If you haven't got any of these attributes, in fact, you're lucky! It means that you haven't got any shortcuts available to you when it comes to attracting women. Alright, so strength, wealth, good looks and fame are out of the picture. What's left? How can I attract a good woman? Think about it - all those attributes are temporary. What's permanent, and will last after all those other attributes have evaporated? Your personality, of course, and wouldn't you prefer to have a great personality than fame? When you attract a woman with your personality, you know for certain she's not just showing you off to her friends.

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