11 Things You Can Do to Attract Women - Starting Today!

Do you sometimes feel embarrassed or bad because you don't know how to attract women?

Well good news for you is that, it isn't as bad as you may think!

I know how you feel. You feel socially awkward and a bit ashamed to admit to people that you simply are clueless about the topic on how to attract women. I mean, this ranges from not really knowing what to say, or not knowing how to act around her. Heck, this may also come across in the form of not understanding that she doesn't even like you at all to begin with and you simply just don't know why!

Well my friend... you surely are not the only one!

I've been there too.

So have many other guys!

Fact is, there are a lot of men out there like you who have literally no idea.

In fact MILLIONS, I mean literally MILLIONS of Guys who simply suck at attracting women.

But you know what?

It's quite OK to not know how to attract women...

Now why would I come out and say such a thing?


How to attract women was never taught in kindergarten.

How to attract women was never taught in pre-school.

How to attract women was never taught in school.

How to attract women was never taught in high school.

How to attract women was never taught in university or college.

How to attract women was... NEVER TAUGHT AT ALL!

So why are us guys expected to really know something when it was never taught to us at all? I mean, it seems like every time you hear about a guy who doesn't know how to attract women, or admitting that he is lacking in this area he is considered somewhat less of a man! It's as if society is expecting guys to know how to game women from the word get go! And if he doesn't, well he is put down!

But what's even worse is... If people find out that the guy is trying to learn how to improve his skills with women he is further put down because it is considered by society to be taboo and shameful that you have to learn how to pickup girls!

But that's just plain wrong!

I mean, seriously, why are men expecting to know something when it was never ever taught to them? That's just as silly as going up to a person on the street and throwing him a bunch of tools and saying "Ok, now here's the tools and there's the material, now go build me a nice house".

I mean, you know as well I do that if something were to be created from that it would not be considered worthy of being a house. This analogy explains the same reason why most men have no idea on how to attract women!

It is only after being rejected, turned down and hung up enough times do most men kind of stumble their way into some sort of method where they think they are able to get women. This is after years of heart break, trial and error learning and receiving other demoralizing experiences. Plus it's not guaranteed to actually get you anywhere. Also, it's only the few lucky ones who are able to somewhat figure out a sort of "method" to all that madness!

I know myself that I had to learn the hard way. It was not until my late teens till I was able to somehow convince a girl to date me. What was worse is - I didn't even like her. In fact, I think I just settled with her, because well frankly, she didn't say no! It was after years of being in that relationship where I didn't have any feelings for her did I realize that I needed to work on my situation with women. That's when I started the soul searching journey and started to learn how to attract women on the internet - just like you guys are doing right now.

There is so much stuff out there on the internet that it is quite confusing. In fact, it is VERY confusing and it took me a long time to figure out what actually works and what doesn't. The good news is, I FOUND SOMETHING THAT WORKS!


Well, the basic stuff is... but not the hardcore advanced stuff.


Click the pic for more information

I'll give you a quick summary of the key points that you need to learn in order to know how to attract women:

1. You need to let her know that you are interested in being more than just a friend - I find it interesting that a lot of guys think it's OK to just be friends with a woman first and attempt to seduce her later. I'm afraid that's not the case. You don't want to be just any friend, you want to be that "special" friend, the one that she thinks in the back of her mind that might be more than just a friend!

2. You need to show her that you have higher social status than her - this is very important. Women are automatically attracted to men who show higher social value. For example, they like rockstars and rich men because these guys are perceived to have higher social value. But what if you're not rich or famous? You can still act like you are cooler than her by not whining and begging for her attention.

3. You need to show her that you are a challenge - It is human nature to not value something we get easily. That's why if she wants something from you, you should always ask for something in return, but in a playful manner.

4. You need to know how to flirt with her - flirting is the key to generate sexual interest. If you don't flirt with her, how is she going to even know you are interested in her?

5. You need to present good body language around her - this shows her that you are a confident man and that you are not intimidated by her beauty. That means you need to stop fidgeting, stand tall and create a presence.

6. You need to constantly tease and test her - this goes hand in hand with flirting with women. The best way to flirt with a girl is to tease her about silly things she does. Then you also test her to see how far her boundaries are in relation to what you're teasing her about. This way you get to know her in a fun and interesting way!

7. You need to know how to work the environment - guys, this means if the door is there, you need to open it for her. Be a gentleman but don't be a kiss ass. If you are in a cafe with a bad atmosphere, MOVE and physically move her to an environment that is conducive for you to get to know her better.

8. You need to be a funny bastard - this one is obvious. Women like men with a sense of humor, as this conveys confidence and charisma. Don't try and be too funny. You don't need to tell jokes, in fact all you need to do is tease her and comment on what she does. That's all!

9. You need to be nice at times and mean at others - unpredictability will create intrigue and attraction. If you are way too nice all the time, then you are the nice guy. If you are a nice jerk, then she will hopelessly feel attracted to you.

10. You need to be playful in general - there are men out there who take their interactions with women too seriously. Guys, women like to have fun. They also like to be led. Thus, if you are not having fun and they are following, then she's going to follow you and not have fun, resulting in a boring interaction for both of you!

11. You need to be an alpha male - this one is key! If you are the alpha male you will display all of the above characteristics and have a personality that will constantly draw the attention of women. Being the alpha male also means you will not only get women, but other men will also enjoy hanging out with you.

That's just a quick summary of the key elements you need to have as part of your personality if you want to get a girlfriend and attract women.

I sincerely hope that every guy can also learn the knowledge that I gained, because you will be able to not only get a girlfriend, but keep her, and have a long lasting relationship. Because after all, isn't that what every guy is ultimately after?

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