How to Let a Girl Know You Like Her

Would you like to learn how to let a girl know you like her? Firstly, never try to justify the whole thing with her - Many men these days try to create some type of "passionate" way of declaring their affection for the girl like you would probably see in one of those corny movies. Then they spend time with the girl and simply spill their feelings out to her. Often the man will be so jumpy the entire time that his loving decree will only come across as clumsy or weird.

You really should steer clear of this for at the very least 2 good reasons.

The first reason this isn't really recommended is because you're basically approaching it from a perspective that you have to justify liking her. This is basically another symptom of trying to impress the girl and show her that you are deserving of her. She probably won't think this is attractive and this might hurt your chances with her if she currently does like you. It's fine to just like a woman and not having to rationalize it.

Secondly, you are so caught up in your brain going over your speech that you're not honestly there with the woman. Your mind is in the clouds with its own thoughts, which girls find very unattractive and will end pretty much all connection. As an alternative, try to bring yourself fully to the present moment and be there with her.

You are probably thinking this is all hippy-dippy rubbish, but you would be amazed at how very real this is. You can begin practicing this by paying attention to your body. Can you feel the way your feet are touching the floor or how the shirt you're wearing feels against your body? What about the way your body begins to feel when you're with the girl? Are you starting to get how this can really enhance things when you're relating to women?

I hope you are beginning to fully grasp this.

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Sure that is great, but what are some actual things you can do to prove to her you dig her? Here is how to let a girl know you like her the proper way.

An SOI is a term that's short for Statement of Intent. This term is used by Pickup Artists (PUA's). The SOI was introduced by Juggler (a PUA name for a guy named Wayne Elise). A fairly easy SOI sounds like this:

Her: My last rehearsal is tomorrow night. I am so looking forward to my dance performance on Thursday.

You: You sure appear to be extremely devoted to doing your best with your performance. I think that is really sexy.

By telling her that she is "sexy" you are giving her a pretty strong but sophisticated message to her that you don't want to simply be friends with her. This isn't really a very blatant thing, but it tells her you want her and it tells her that she can begin hitting on you. Just say this casually and don't try to make it into some kind of serious thing. The idea here is to be sophisticated. Don't worry, she will not miss it.

There is another way to let a girl know that you like her, which is to just be upfront and frank with her.

As an example, maybe you are spending time with her and one of those silences descends on the two of you. You can use this as a chance to basically say what you are both thinking about. "I really think you're hot and all I want to do at the moment is kiss you." Needless to say you need to actually make a move and kiss the girl here. This takes a little bit of courage, but girls really like it if you do this.

The principal difference between this and what I mentioned earlier is that, first, this is not something that you are trying to remember and then attempting to anxiously say to the woman afterward. And second, this is a pretty manly course of action. You're really telling her that you want to kiss her, not "sort of kind of" asking her if she would like to see a movie. You have no sense of guilt over it. This sort of action also shows her you have plenty of follow through and that you go after what you want in life. Women really think this is appealing.

So, that is how to let a girl know you like her. The essential component here is to make sure that it is relaxed and not some type of problem. As long as you just act like it is the most common and natural thing there is, she will handle it so and follow suit.


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