How to Make a Girl Like You

Have you ever wanted to know how to make a girl like you? If you have you probably asked yourself the question, "is it possible for any guy to make a girl like him?"

My answer to the second question is an emphatic yes. Not only do I believe that any guy can make a girl like him, I also believe he can do this with any girl.

This may seem like an over the top belief, but I promise you it's true. I could make a list of seduction masters who were or are less than desirable on the surface, but I think there is a much better way of proving it to you.

Go to the most popular mall in your town and take a good look around. Notice the beautiful girls that are walking around and then notice the guys they're with. Take a quick second and grade those guys on their looks.

I think you'll find that there are very few tall muscular guys with looks like Brad Pitt walking with them. You will find plenty of guys that have the same hurdles that you have in your way, with a gorgeous girl on their arm.

Maybe you think you're too short. Maybe you feel like you're not good-looking enough. Perhaps you feel like you're too skinny or too fat. I guarantee that none of these things are prohibiting you from getting a girlfriend. I hope that you try my little exercise and prove to yourself that it's possible to get a beautiful girl inspire of less than desirable physical qualities.

So if it's not looks, then what is it? Is it money? No! Is it luck? No! And it's none of the other limiting beliefs that you have developed either.

I believe there are four things that any man can do to make him infinitely more successful with women. They take time to master, but are worth every second.

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why cant i get a girlfriend

The first quality you must gain as a budding pick up artist is to develop the characteristics of an Alpha male. There are many unique qualities that alpha males possess but at their core, they are simply just men who live life on their own terms. They have inner references that they adhere to and don't look to others for social acceptance. They are leaders. There is a lot of literature available on this Topic but I believe that there is one key difference. Alpha males are not needy. If you eliminate neediness you will already have the main characteristic of an alpha male.

The second thing you need to master is your body language. It is important to remember that communication is estimated to be only be 7 percent verbal. The rest is body language, facial expressions and voice tone. It is important that you learn to carry yourself in a confident manner. Stand straight with your shoulders back and your chest out. Be slightly more pronounced with your movements and make hand gestures when you talk. Fill up space with your body. Don't shrivel up. Use confident eye contact. Body language is key. Do all you can to master it.

The third thing to do is to gain the ability to talk to a girl you like. Learn how to use your voice when you talk to women. Keep eye contact and occasionally flick to her lips so that you can create some sexual tension. Get good at banter. Don't be afraid to mock her a little. Have interesting stories from your life ready and practice telling them to your friends.

Relax and be comfortable around girls. Also learn how to be a good listener. Women love conversation. There are times when you need to build attraction through talk, but often times the more intimate moments call for your attention.

The fourth quality yo must instill in yourself is grooming. Most guys believe that women are primarily motivated by a guys looks. The truth is that personal grooming is much more important than genetic good-looks. Make sure your nails are cut, your hair is the way it should be, your clothes are on point, your teeth are brushed and you're showered and smelling great.

Think about maximizing your physical qualities. If you need to get an eyebrow wax, go get one! If you need to change your hair style or clothing style, do it! Don't be afraid to make changes.

If you can study and master these four elements you'll know exactly how to make a girl like you.


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