Myths That Destroy Your Success With Attractive Women

It goes without saying that all information is not created equal when it comes to getting positive results. The area of my personal passion is helping men easily attract the most desirable women they can. In this realm, I am a big believer in quality and timeliness of information over the quantity and level of general acceptance.

That's a wordy and fancy way of saying that what we believe comes from years of deeply held beliefs which may be totally useless. Worse yet, all these beliefs could potentially be harming our outcomes as men.

I guess I would call these the treasured but most tired myths of attracting women. They are even more dangerous than a new idea that doesn't work. This is because like most old-school, but outdated ways of looking at things, the most tired of the tired have so many cheerleaders still hanging on claiming these myths aren't myths at all.

Bottom line if you are a man searching for real valuable information out there to help you attract hotter women, you can be easily duped into accepting what the herd believes, rather that what works. Here's my list of 4 that have had their day and which you need to retire to free you up to start having the success in attracting great women.

Be Nice To Women and They'll Like You and Therefore Want to be With You

The logic of this I guess sort of passes the initial smell test. You are nice and they feel safe around you because you do nice things for them. Seems correct right? Actually no. Women have a very well-formed phony radar which senses at both a conscious and unconscious level that you are being syrupy for a result. That's actually manipulation. Don't believe me? Put yourself for a moment in her shoes and think how you might perceive someone who is being too nice to you. Honestly, you'd probably trust them less and probably become annoyed with them. Well it's no different with women.

Great Looking Men Get First Pick of The Best Looking Women

Yes there are certain male facial features which have been proven in some studies to be more attractive to women initially. Yet we know from observation that very average looking men frequently are seen with hot women on their arm. I am not talking rich celebrities either. I am talking in our own world every day. Women are no different then men in feeling attraction when they first see a particularly handsome man. Where women are far different is that behaviorally the man must pass certain unconscious tests in a woman to get further and to an actual physical relationship. It is these behaviors that make or break attraction with women.

Being Funny Gets You Women


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Being funny says a lot about you as a man, but only if the humor is the right kind of humor. Women generally love guys who project a cool fun outlook on life. The infamous "bad boy" who many men hold out as the example of what gets the girl, has an overflow supply of this fun confidence. He may project it differently and it may not be overall healthy in many ways for the woman who becomes involved with him. Either way, she simply can't resist. The very confident and passionate energy given off by men is highly attractive. Easy humor is just one way to project that energy. So memorizing a bunch of comedy routines isn't worth your time. Be passionate about things and include women in that world. It's far easier.

You Shouldn't be a Woman's Friend Because Than You'll Never Be Her Lover

This one has some nuance to it, so hear me out. Women actually are a lot like men in that they do have friends they would sleep with and those they wouldn't. You don't have to be grouchy unfriendly anti-social person to stay out of the friend zone. The friend zone (where many a man's sexual hopes with a girl go to die) should actually be renamed the dull phony friend zone. If you are an attractive passionate guy who creates attraction with women who also is a friend on some level, that's not putting you in the friend zone. Common sense tells us a great way to build comfort and familiarity is to be somewhere in a woman's social circle.

Let's look at all this practically. Many times when you make your desires known, she is already in a relationship. This really is no big deal. You aren't in the "friend zone" at all in this case, unless you start snaking around doing nice things for her hoping to wreck her relationship. The confident attractive men is attractive to any woman whether she has a boy friend or not. I always express confident approval of any person in a happy relationship when a woman tells me she is involved.

So how does this work? Here's an example of a response to being told your target woman is in a relationship: "That's good. I gotta say I like to see people happy. I don't mind that we can be friends as things sit. Less of all that annoying pressure."

Try something like that. It says all the right things and leaves you the opportunity to grow benign familiarity which will grow attraction almost automatically. My other piece of advice is to be ready with the answer because many times women don't actually have a boyfriend or would dump him in a second for you. They just want to see your level of character and confidence when you don't get your way.

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