How to Get Girls to Chase You

How many times have you heard the saying that women like to be chased? While this is true, it is only the case some of the time. The truth is, women enjoy chasing men just as much as the other way around. But how can you learn how to get girls to chase you?

There are some tips you can follow to boost your success, and have the ladies lining up at your door.

1 - Be Aloof, Not Cold

This should always be the first rule, and it is always the one that men get wrong. In an attempt to seem aloof, they instead put of an unapproachable, cold, or even threatening air. Your goal is not to seem as though you don't want to be spoken to. It is to act as though you aren't even thinking about it.

While you should seem above worries of how you appear, or others speaking to you, there should be a casual air to it. Seem cool, confident, and easy going. Think of how someone with that kind of smooth aloofness would act, and imitate it. In simple terms: you want to be the cool guy, not the jerk.

2 - Make Yourself Known

It might seem like the way to go, being the unknown, mysterious man in the corner. That may work in the movies, but women in real life don't tend to go for the brooding type. But someone who seems well known by those at the party or bar, the one who is talking easily with groups of people? He is someone they want to get to know. He is warm, interesting and reassuring.

Try becoming a regular at a club or bar and get friendly with staff. They will toss some perks your way, which will always be enjoyed by those around you. If you are at a party, circulate through the guests and have conversations with everyone. Be that guy that everyone knows, and make an effort to spread yourself out socially through the night.

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Constantly talking to people will show women that you are accessible and friendly, while making them curious about who you are. Plus, it introduces you to every woman at the party. Statistically, that improves your odds.

3 - Stand Out From The Crowd

You don't want to look like every Tom, Dick and Harry around you. While that doesn't mean you want to draw too much attention to yourself (there is such a thing as too much), you do want to make yourself stand out. This method of attracting attention is called 'peacocking', and it has many different levels.

Keep things mild, but noticeable. Aim to dress a little bit better than the others who are around you. Make sure you are well groomed, and make special features stand out. Play to your strengths. Maybe add one unusual element that can make you memorable, such as choosing a red shirt instead of a black one.

4 - Always Aim To Be Likeable

This goes back to being the guy people know. You want to go through a social situation not just speaking to people, but getting along with them. Have a couple of cool stories or tidbits to share. Laugh at jokes and be complimentary without going overboard (telling someone they have a great smile is nice, telling them they look sexy is creepy).

Ask yourself along the way if you would like the guy you are being. If the answer is 'no', change your tactics. Be confident and social without being obnoxious. Be flirty and charming without being weird. This might take some practice to get down, but the more you try the better the results will be.

5 - Make Them Feel Special

If you have been doing things right, you probably seem like a pretty in-demand guy. You have been talking to a ton of people, and acted busy through the night. When you are approached, it is time to change tracks. You have caught her interest, now it is time to keep it.

Show her that you are wanting to speak to her. Slow down and focus your attention on her. If she has been watching you, she will have noticed you going from one person to the other. Stopping and giving her your full focus will show that she is special enough to draw it.


You can learn how to get the girls to chase you. All it takes is a bit of planning, practice and effort, so give it a try. Once you find out the art to being picked up, you will never want to go back to the old way again.


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