How to Get a Girl's Number After Meeting Her

The more time you spend with her, the more value you can build and your chances of getting the number will increase. Staying an extra ten minutes can often be the difference between her giving you the number or rejecting you.

Once you perfect this, you will have women writing their phone numbers down without even thinking twice. It is all about the psychology of human behavior and once you understand it, you will get as many numbers as you want. Just realize that all you have to do is ask. However never use the following phrases:

- Can I have your number?
- Is it OK if I have your number?
- Do you mind if I get your number?

You must be more dominant and expect success. Try the routines below and pick the one that works the best for you and use this exact sequence every time you talk to a woman and you want to get her phone number. The key here is to just act like it is completely natural and eventually it will become that way. In a very short time, it will become a habit and you will be supremely confident with it.

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get a girl to like you

Shown below are three very successful methods of asking for the number:

The Walk-away

This works especially well during the day or if you have just met somebody for a few minutes and you have to rush. After you chat to them, say the following:

"It was great to meet you...I'll see you around" You have said your goodbyes so quickly that they will feel a temporarily feeling of loss. Just a moment ago, they were having a good time with you and now suddenly you are leaving. This will seem really unusual as most women are used to guys clinging to them. So when you do this you will differentiate yourself in a good way. Then, just as you go to walk away, turn back around and

say "You know, we should swap details...what's your number?"

If you do it correctly, she will jump at the chance of remaining in contact. Because of the temporary feeling of loss, there is a much greater chance of getting her number.

The Phone Switch

This is a fantastic way of exchanging number and takes a lot of confidence to do it. It works especially well if you are in a group and you don't want to have to ask for the number in front of everybody. Most people usually have their phones on the table or somewhere in plain sight when they are in a bar. If you are flirting with somebody and you see their phone, make a positive remark about it and ask can you see it. When they hand the phone over to you, dial your number and ring yourself, while simultaneously starting a new conversation. You can then erase your number from the list of dialed calls.

This is usually done by clicking on the menu and pressing "clear contacts". Just be sure you don't delete all her contacts. As you hand the phone back you can say the following prize line with a smile "I just swapped numbers with you...Just to save you the awkwardness of having to ask me for my number before I leave".

The Email-Number Close

You should go for the phone number over her email address every time. However, you can easily get both if you approach it in the right manner. A Person will naturally give their email out to somebody far more easily than their phone number as it is less personal. In fact, if you have any connection with this person at all, it's likely that they will give you their email. This works especially well in coffee shops or in quiet bars. It also works better if you have a pen and paper with you. After you have spoken to her for a short while, you can take your leave but before you go, simply say "Do you have an email?"

This is a very basic question and will start to build a yes ladder. She will answer yes and you then hand her the pen and paper and tell her to write it down. You treat her yes as confirmation that she wants to give you her email. This is also an attraction test and the more she invests in you, the more she will be willing to invest in the future. As she is writing down her email address, you simply say, ""Write down your number too!".

In the example above, you have broken down the giving of the number into two steps, which dramatically improves the chances. The strength of this method is that you are asking them to write their phone number down as they are writing down their email and, in doing so; you have built a very powerful compliance momentum.

By asking for her email, you have given her a very small attraction test and if you have any value built at all, she will comply with you. It's very low risk and most people give out an email address without thinking about it. Asking for the phone number is much more personal, but by asking for it while they are writing down their email, your chances of success will skyrocket. Try it and you will realize how powerful this is!


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