How to Get the Girls

I think it's a million dollar question, if not a billion:). So many books, so many articles are written regarding this subject. And yet, there are a lot of men not getting what they deserve. I think it's not fair, is it? I have been reading some of the articles and came to conclusion that they more or less talk about one thing, and one thing only. But unfortunately it's the hardest thing to learn or to grasp.

I'm talking about YOU, because only you stand in your way to getting the girl you want. Why? Well because you start to think before approaching a girl, you start playing out different types of scenarios that might occur and more often then not you focus on the worst scenario. You being yelled at or sent to hell and etc. So when you focus on the failure - you fail. As some one said that "The only thing we have to fear - is fear itself." Fear of being rejected. And it's a strong one. Because it makes you think, it makes you weight all the options and outcomes and after a while your mind guided by fear convinces you that bad thing is going to happen if you talk to that girl, that she will reject you, make you laughable.

But this fear is what you have to overcome along with your mind telling you that you going to fail. Fear is only a State of Mind. And remember - the one thing you can exclusively control is just that - your state of mind. For fear to be effective you must voluntarily surrender your right to control your state of mind. And this you do when you give in to fear, whether you realize it or not. Fear can have no power over you other than what you give it. This realization is the first key to your victory over our true enemy of fear. You can decide, through the use of our willpower, not to allow fear to take root in our mind.

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Do not forget that fear takes you head on. It looks for weaker parts, for secret entrances to your mind. It acts through doubt. As soon as you begin to doubt your actions, know that fear begun to take control. When you start doubting, your mind projects negative images of the outcome, the possible future is painted black. But it's not the real future, you can change it at any point.

Remember I'm talking about girls and how to get them. Don't use this kind of thinking before doing something bad. Sometimes we need a bit of thinking and fear as it keeps us from doing something stupid to our selves or our loved ones. In certain situations you have to be cautious. But don't let this stop you from hitting on any girl.

Let me ask you, are you able to tell when some one is sad, happy or angry, by just looking at them? Don't answer that, of course you can, just simply looking at their face or body language. But interestingly enough (and this is proven by science) when you force certain expression on your face, like smile, if you do it long enough, you mind adopts to it and starts looking for funny thing, maybe remembering stuff just to keep up with the face. This is very good technique for defeating fear or doubt. Before springing into action, program your face to victory, imagine that you already a winner, imagine that she will be the one that will have to convince you to sleep with her. Doing so will change your face, your body language, and believe me women can smell men who are not confident enough. So practice a lot at home, at work or anytime you will get a chance. You can even repeat a certain phrase to your self like "I'm the lion shes the pray" And lions get to succeed a lot.

But remember that this works, and I tried it a million times on lots of different girls. It even works chatting online. It sometimes is easier online as you have a lot of time to respond and rethink your answer. But don't forget that mistakes will happen, and sometimes you will fail. But this will only make you stronger, if you learn from your mistakes. First times will be hard, as you will try to remember a lot of stuff that I was talking about. But this is like learning driving: first you look at the gear when you change it, it takes time for you to start moving, passing other cars, but when you do it long enough - all this is happening automatically and very fast.


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