How To Talk To Girls - 5 Quick Tips

Talking to girls without getting across as creepy seems to be a daunting task. You are a complete stranger to her (most of the times), have a short time frame of 5 minutes at the most usually to spark her interest and open ways for future communication.

Thus the art of approaching women is not exclusively an art, but a science too with some must have arrows in your quiver.

1. Be presentable

No I am not talking about wearing expensive clothes and accessories, having six pack abs etc. but if you are thinking about approaching her in those dirty sagging jeans, messy hair, over-sized shirt and reeking of sweat then you are axing the very branch on which you are sitting.

2. How you say is more important than what you say

I have tried more than 50 types of lines and openings. Yeah I googled funny, witty and whatnot kind of pickup lines like most of us have done and believe me the simple ones worked really well. And then it dawned upon me that I had been more focused on what to say all the time rather than being comfortable while talking to her.

Remember, if you are uncomfortable then you will make her too.

3. "I am afraid to go up and chat with any beautiful woman I see"

I am afraid that I cannot do anything to improve this situation of yours. BUT you can. Remember how as a kid we were afraid of getting a haircut and howled for the entire neighborhood to hear while actually getting one. Do you cry now when you visit the barber? What happened? Why did we stop crying? Because throughout our childhood to our present day our fear of the barber became less and less as we had to visit him once every 2-3 months. During every visit we subconsciously realized that the barber or his instruments don't hurt us. Rather they make us look good. And now we actually look forward to visiting our hair stylist.

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A friend of mine made it a habit to talk to 3 random women everyday. At first he felt sick while doing it. Most women ran away within the first 30-40 seconds but then he started getting better and better. Now he can talk to any woman anywhere in the world. The point? Practice makes a man perfect.

4. The cocky and funny man

The dictionary definition of cocky says conceited or confident in a bold or cheeky way. Funny isn't about being a joker. It means having a sense of humor. Mix the two and you have a man girls will crave for. The way to a man's heart is through her stomach. The way to a woman's heart is to make her laugh. The society's conditioning of a thousand years had taught woman not to laugh loudly and lose herself. Make her do exactly the opposite by cracking her up and she will love you for it.

I know sense of humor is not something everybody is born with but you can work towards developing it if you want. You just need to be open to learning new things and the whole world is there to help you. People, internet, books, life situations, experiences are all your sources you can learn from.

5. What to do actually?

So far I have told you the science part of how to talk to girls. The arrows in your quiver that are must haves. Now let me talk about the art part. And that is... Just go and talk. Disappointed? Don't be. Let me explain.

Remember point number 3 above? Just go and talk about anything. For example a good conversation opener in a store might be something like this, "Hi, I wanted to buy a top for my sister (or friend) and can't decide. Could you please help me?"

Now this is a perfect natural opener arising out of the place you are in. Not some pickup line that you had to memorize. It paves the way for further interaction and you have some more time to make her realize what an awesome guy you are.


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