Get a Girl to Like Me - How You're Sabotaging Your Chances

You sick of asking, "how do I get a girl to like me?"

90% of guys go about the business of trying to hook up with girls with the idea of "getting lucky" firmly in the back of their minds. The belief that if they act nice enough to women they'll "get lucky" and the woman will decide to sleep with them. Did you know that the whole concept of getting lucky causes men to act in ways that make them less attractive to women?

Another huge problem a lot of guys have is not even being able to talk to women because of crippling shyness, nerves and stage fright.

You want to learn how to get a girl to like you, you first have to sort this out.

Getting over your nerves:

Picture the scene; you're out having a drink with some friends, you look up and see a really hot girl standing at the bar. You think to yourself, "alright I'm gonna go over there and try to get her number". You get up and as you make your way to the bar you think to yourself, "I really want this to go well", "I hope she likes me, I really don't want to get shot down". You start to feel a bit nervous, you're heart starts beating faster, "what can I say to make her think I'm a cool guy?", "maby if I open with a funny line....but what if she thinks its stupid and I look like an idiot?".

You're heart rate increases, you start to sweat. By the time you reach the bar you're so worked up that when she looks at you all you can do is stammer out, " um hi...uh... my name is Dave...c-can I buy you a drink?... After an interminable pause and with one eyebrow cocked she says "no thanks I'm here with some friends", she takes her drink and walks away and you shuffle back to where you were sitting, deflated and feeling like a loser.

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get a girl to like you

So what exactly is wrong with this picture? Notice how the guy speaks to himself (that was me by the way, didn't help that my buddies spent the rest of the night ripping on me for it either), the whole mindset involved is designed around how to please the girl, and bam!...there's you're problem.

Ever wondered why you get nervous or shy around women? It comes from the belief that you need to win approval from women. The problem with this, and the point I want to get across, is the psychology at work here. If you need to win the woman's approval it means she has a higher social value than you so you have to work hard to find ways to make her think you're "worthy" of her time. This puts so much pressure on you that you gat nervous and you can't relax and be yourself.

Ever talked to girl you didn't feel any attraction to? Maybe one you thought was ugly or really annoying or you just weren't into her, period! Notice how you probably had no problem chatting away to her, getting along great and just being yourself. Since you don't care what she thinks of you, you don't put any pressure on yourself to win her approval so you're relaxed and just go with the flow.

So there you have it shyness and nerves come from caring what women think and from. You have no control over what women think so it's useless to worry about it and, as we've just seen actually gets in the way of your interactions with them.

Also when your trying to win a approval from a woman it causes you to come off as needy and weak willed which women hate in men. And this is what I meant earlier about the getting lucky idea, it's based on the assumption that you need to win approval from the woman so she will "grace you" with sex.

The cruel irony of this is that wanting women's approval causes you to act in ways that make you seem less attractive to them.

You need to stop thinking that your interactions with women are important and instead start adopting the view that it's a fun distraction and nothing more and see how different your experiences become!

Over analyzing:

The other problem with the above scenario is another thing most guys do that messes them up is over analysis. All of that, "should I do this?....or maybe that?...what if she thinks it's dumb? this going well?, I can't tell...maybe I shouldn't have said that..blahblahblah...". Think about it, if you have all this stuff rattling around in your head how can you be focused on the conversation and the mood? Do you do that when your out with your friends? No, you just vibe along with the direction of conversation and relax and thats exactly what you should do with women. Leave analysis for later.

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