Body Language Attraction - The Secret to Attracting Women

Women are far more in tune with reading non-verbal communication like body language attraction cues than men (at least 10 times better, in fact). In most cases, they can already tell what kind of guy you are just by reading your body language - BEFORE you even open your mouth.

That's why mastering and developing strong masculine body language attraction skills is one of the best things you can do for your "game". Luckily, body language attraction is easy to learn. So pay close attention, and be sure to practice what you read here until it becomes second nature. First things first. Let's think for a minute about what kind of SIGNALS we want to send with our body language attraction cues as men that women find attractive and can't resist RESPONDING to.

1. Confidence: It's well known that women are attracted to confident men. Nobody wants a wuss, so stop kissing up to women, and let your inner masculine confidence shine through. Luckily, this is easy to do using the specific body language attraction skills you're about to learn.

2. Indifference: Like men, women tend to want what they can't have. Think movie stars and actors. Even though they aren't all great looking, their perceived value is high, because many women want them. So, in order to be attractive to women, you need to act like a man who has plenty of women already. And how do men who have plenty of women act? They act INDIFFERENT towards most women because they assume they can have them.

3. High Social Status & Independence: Women are naturally attracted to high status alpha males and leaders. They find it very hard to resist men that don't just "follow the crowd", but do their own thing. Men that are NEEDY and DEPEND on women are not naturally attractive.

So, how do we send these signals, and what EXACTLY can we do to create body language attraction? Here are 5 tips:

1. Lean back: Make her earn it. Just do what "Fat Joe" says. A lot of guys make the mistake of leaning in towards a woman when they talking. Once you're in a conversation, lean back and let her come to you. Leaning in makes you come across as needy, and needy is NOT attractive. Leaning back makes you appear secure and confident.


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2. Keep eye contact: Eye contact is a really big thing when it comes to body language attraction. Once again this comes back to confidence. You'll notice if you look around that confident people always assume consistent eye contact with people they meet, no matter who it is.

Keeping eye contact shows that you're not intimidated by a beautiful women. When most guys start this, they get a little nervous that things might become awkward, but trust me, it's not as hard as it sounds.

When you keep eye contact with a woman, it signals that you're confident and a little bit different, because most guys won't do this. She'll be intrigued by you. If she breaks a smile, keeps your eye contact for more than a few seconds, or if she looks down, these are great signs, because it means she's probably into you.

3. Have good posture: Confident men stand up straight. Slouching not only makes you seem less confident, but less masculine and less attractive. Closed body language like this is not attractive at all. So open up your posture. Keep your legs slightly wider than shoulder width, your shoulders back, and your chin up.

4. Slow movements: Nothing portrays a lack of confidence in a man more than fidgeting. Masculine men who are INDEPENDENT and have their lives under control move slowly and take their time. They don't fidget, and they ATTRACT WOMEN because of it!

5. Smile: I think of smiling as my secret weapon. Guys that smile automatically portray confidence, and are more attractive to women. So stop trying to put on that tough guy face and smile, but don't just give her a silly grin. Practice giving her a "knowing" smile, like you would smile at her if you knew a funny secret about her or something.

Do me a favor now...

We're going to do a little exercise in body language attraction. I want you to think of a movie character who women find WILDLY attractive. Think Brad Pitt in Fight Club. Or Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Women go crazy for them. Not only because they're good looking, but MORE because of they carry themselves.

I want you to go rent those movies, and watch very carefully how they use the body language attraction cues listed above. Women come easy when you use body language like that.

Next, I want you to pretend you're one of them for a day, and walk around with that EXACT body language. Do some practice in the mirror first if you want. But DO IT. Chances are you'll notice right away that women will start acting differently around you. This is really POWERFUL stuff!

Make sure you keep practicing these body language attraction techniques until they become second nature. It might take a while, but when it comes to attracting women, if you want results, you have to commit yourself to learning how to get them.

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