How to Talk to Girls Series: Dressing

Women love clothes. Department stores target women over men. Women notice the type of clothes that you wear. While clothes are not everything, having a well put together look will certainly increase your success with women. I've put together some basic tips for improving your style that should work for any type of guy.

Dress to Attract the Type of Girls You're Into - If you go out wearing a graphic anime t-shirt you are going to attract really nerdy girls. Pop-quiz: how many really hot nerdy girls go out to clubs on Friday night? Not many.

If you want to attract the college graduate, professional type of chick then dress in professional gear. I'm not talking suits (although that wouldn't be a bad thing). I mean polo's, subtly patterned shirts, jeans, nice shoes, think Nordstrom or Saks 5th.

On the other hand, if you want the artsy chicks, then dress artsy. If you are trying to figure out particular looks, a casual stroll through some magazines or a Google search can do wonders.

Fit is More Important than Anything - When chicks go shopping for clothes they look for items that stress their best qualities. If a girl has nice curves, she is going to find shirts that show that feature. Although they worry about colors and style too, fit is the most important thing.

Most guys try to look "different." I see this particularly with the younger generation. They wear bright yellow shoes and neon orange shirts. I'm not saying don't wear those clothes. If that's your style, then that's your style. But worry about fit more. Whatever style you pick, make sure your clothes accentuate your features. If you're muscular (which you should be since you're going to the gym and eating healthy, RIGHT?!) then get shirts that fit snug around the arms/ chest/ back/ whatever muscle looks the best on you. When you buy pants, spend the extra $25 to get your clothes specifically tailored for you. I honestly do the same with any button up shirts. I hate walking somewhere with my clothes feeling like a tent around me.

Make Sure Your Clothes Make Sense - One of my ex's was a finalist in the Miss Colorado pageant. She taught me that different skin tones should wear different colors. Warm skin tones should wear warm colors, and vice versa. I highly recommend looking up Google articles on which colors go with which skin tone.

When you put your outfit together, make sure everything matches. If you don't know what matches, then look up a color wheel online.

Don't Ever Dress Like A Scrub, Ever! - If your clothes have holes in them or stains, throw them away. Thrifty is not cool. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Also, don't be one of those guys that take pride in how cheap he is with how he dresses. If you only own two or three pairs of shoes you ought to be ashamed of yourself. Colorado is a pretty casual city, but that doesn't mean it's OK to not dress well. At the minimum you should own:

Two Pairs of Black Dress Shoes. That's assuming you don't wear dress shoes every day for work. If you do, you better own at least three pairs. Buy shoe trees (the little things you stick in the shoe to help it keep its shape). Buy shoe polish or get your shoes polished regularly.

Two Pairs of Brown Dress Shoes. Same rules apply for brown shoes as for black.

Four Pairs of Casual Shoes. Think different colors. You want a white shoe, a darker colored shoe, and a couple of shoes with different colors to match your outfits. You need to maintain and clean your shoes. If they're not in good shape, throw them out. Never wear cheap, dirty shoes. Ever. Ever. EVER!

Boots, Boat Shoes, Etc.. - Learn to love shoes, for real. Shoes are dope. Women love shoes. Therefore, you love shoes. Buy more shoes.

Be a Little Bold - Accessorize. Wear a necklace, or a bracelet (even if it's just a LiveStrong type of bracelet). Consider getting your ears pierced. I am not personally a huge fan of them, but tattoos are popular now. Dress like the crowd you want to fit into, but just slightly better.

Keep Everything Clean - Wash and iron your clothes. You do not need to clean your shirts and jeans every time you wear them, but you do need to clean your underwear and socks after one use. Nothing is funnier than a man who rocks a $200.00 shirt with wrinkles and ketchup stains in it. Keep your stuff clean.

If you can think of yourself as a business, then think of your clothes as your marketing department. You may know how to talk to girls, but if you can't present yourself to the target demographic then women may reject you outright.

You have unlimited research material to learn about style and appearance. A simple Google search of "modern men's style" will show a trove of information. It can seriously help you to spend a few minutes doing research online. Thousands of blogs and websites exist; there is almost certainly a resources out there to help you with your specific look.


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