Tips on Attracting Women - 7 Easy Ways to Prepare Yourself

There are men who have a hard time attracting women while there are those who, at a glance, can turn women's heads around. Here are seven easy ways to prepare your self for the game of attraction:

1. First impression may be your last. Were there times when a group of women who are simply walking along while talking noisily would suddenly become quiet when you pass by? When women turn their heads as you pass by then it is a good sign that they are attracted to you. Attraction is an unconscious behavior for women and makes them react to what they see, even if it is just a fleeting glance. To be able to attract women you must look your best, move around and act naturally and do not be obvious about what you can offer. Women like a little mystery and being able to attract them initially by your subdued behavior is a coup in itself.

2. Attitude is everything. Have you ever heard some snide remarks from some women who you passed by and yet you do not even know any of them? When women make these snide remarks after you pass by then it is a sign that there is something off in your attitude. Women hate men who are overconfident and brazen. Always show a positive attitude but do not overdo it that you tend to exude arrogance, conceit or even vanity. Be yourself and be natural in order to win the game.

3. Flirting is a key ingredient. Have there been times when you have found a woman you really like, established an association with her, only to be told that you are a very dear friend? One thing for sure is that at the onset of your relationship with this woman you left out the key ingredient: flirting. Flirting and light teasing from the very beginning will tell her that you are interested. You took this for granted in your relationship with this woman and did not make her feel wanted.


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4. Observe, practice and train. Have you ever asked yourself why you haven't been successful in attracting women? It is because you have failed to observe, practice and train yourself in the art of attracting women. Observing how women react when you are around or just passing by will give you an idea on how to give the right impression and attitude. Practice what you observe gives a good impression and positive reaction from the women you meet. If the way you dress or walk would make women's heads turn, then so be it! Practice that walk or get several pairs of that attire to increase your attraction to women. Lastly, train yourself well because you need to be ready when the right woman comes along unless you would want to blow your chance.

5. Eye to eye contact. Have you noticed that women look at you directly when they are attracted to you? Do the eye to eye contact technique to attract a woman's attention. Confidently looking into her eyes will tell her that you are a man in control, a man with confidence and exuding self-assurance and a man a woman can depend on. For sure, there is no way a woman will deny your advances when you approach her after you have had eye contact with her.

6. Always be aware. Have you been approached secretly by a woman and yet you haven't noticed at all? Pay attention when a woman brushes against your arm accidentally as she passes by or sneaks a glance at you several times. Study the woman every time you see her and if she does it again then she is surely attracted to you. You can then make your move.

7. Be around women. Do you know what places women frequent? To be able to attract women and practice your craft then you should be where the women are. Go to the places they frequent because there you will have the chance to attract and meet more women.

If you really want to play the game then always be ready. There are a thousand and one tips, tricks and how to on attracting women, but all they can do is give you that and never prepare you for the attraction game itself.

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