5 Top Techniques to Attract Women

To attract women it's not rocket science but like anything else in life it's about using and applying the correct techniques. Women look for a man who is confident, can hold a conversation and who listens to women, rather then just pretend, believe me women can spot when a man doesn't listen and they just walk off.

To attract women correctly if only you had the right or correct techniques then the world is your oyster so to speak, and women will flock to you without you even trying so hard.

Imagine, women that you look at and think 'mmmm, I could never attract women of that caliber; look at her she's hot!' But with various techniques you will be walking down the street with that same lady on your arm, and other guys being envious of you, and all you did to attract women of that caliber were some very simple techniques.

Below are my '5 top Techniques to attract women', follow them and you stand and will have a better chance of attracting women that you dream about.


1. Letting her know you are interested in her more than being "just friends"
2. Being a man - having a high social status
3. Being a challenge
4. Flirting/banter
5. Using your body language

Letting her know you are interested in her more then being "just friends"

A majority of guys tend to think that they can come out of the whole friend zone area and turn into a sexy male partner. So their mentality is to become a close friend of hers, then later on convert it into a romantic relationship. To be honest I laugh at guys that think that, unfortunately once you enter the "friend zone" then good luck trying to take it further, because you will always stay in the friend zone.

Friend zone is like 'hell' once you're in you won't come out. The reason? I hear you ask, simple really, because she does not class nor look at you as a sexual partner, so to make her look at you like one is ever so difficult. So from the start you let her know you can be special friends that are easier to change into a romantic relationship/sexual partner, rather then being "just friends", then once that occurs you can become a sexual partner and enter the "sexy friend".

Being a man - having a high social status

Being a man is quite simple really, your a man so make sure you act like one, become more care free, don't let things bother you or whatever life throws at you bother you either. Between you and her don't let negative feelings and emotions come between your and her interaction. Just make sure you're funny, cheerful, and make it look as if you don't have a single problem in the world. Why? I hear you ask, simple YOUR A MAN, you deal and solve the problems like a man; you don't discuss things about your life that are not satisfying you at all. Be a man and act like one, and watch how you attract women. It's a way of showing your confidence as a man.


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High Social Status

A lot of men think a higher status is due to materialistic items, I can certainly say you are wrong! Neither is it about having more money then her, far from that. It's more an internal thing. You as a man have to let her know that you naturally dominate but let her know she's in god hands and good company and almost protective. In other words begging her for her approval is not what its about you let her know your opinion and what your going to do, almost in control but also allowing her to do what he pleases. Little things like letting her know she's attractive but not to the extent that she thinks she is, it's more teasing her, making fun of her. Watch men that are successful with women and they do exactly that, so that's why they attract women so much.

Being a challenge

Make things more of a challenge for her, keep her on her toes. Make her chase you as well, don't you do all the chasing makes her realise she has to put in some of the work as well. You have to let her know that your priorities are other things and that she's not number 1 on the list. Look at it this way a lot of good looking women are in demand why? Because they don't chase you. If they did then guess what, the label slut springs to mind. Once that is labelled then there is no attraction and no status or social value.

Flirting, Banter

In general women like to have a good time, but most men take women seriously, nowadays some women are more forward then most men think, but likely hood is men would have to do a lot of the approach. Why women think most men are boring? Simple, a lot of men don't make the interaction fun or interesting. So that in mind, Flirt and banter is the main way to keep the women interested and intrigued.

Make her the focus of the interaction and tease her! Flirting and banter is the only way to let the women know that you are interested more then just being a friend. Flirting is fun! To attract women this is a technique that alone is a subject that can be spoken about for a long time.

Using body language

Body language is very important but yes! I know it's very very basic. You need to drill in your head that body language is key factor it makes the make or break to attract women. Whatever you do, do not slouch when you do approach women. When you do walk make sure your back upright. Sometimes you have that feeling that you do not feel right or not happy within your own skin sometimes that can give off the wrong impression and lower your social value especially to the women.

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