7 Ways to Attract Women

1) Assume the sale!

Huh? What sale? I thought this was about attracting women?

Well it is, and the product that's on sale is YOU... And the number one thing that will mess up your chances at attracting women is assuming you can't attract women. I know this sounds like a new-agey thing, but let me explain.

If you think there's no way you'll "get lucky" tonight, you'll go out, meet some women socially, and since you don't think a hot girl would be interested in you... You will miss the signals she's giving you!

2) Like attracts like (its not what you think!)

You think I'm talking about that ages old advice of like "similarities attract", right? Wrong! I'm talking about something completely different. Both science and tons of experience have shown an interesting phenomenon in women. They use other women to decide if they're attracted to you. Ya, I know, its weird.

But if she meets you and you have 3 attractive female friends with you (that are like her), she's infinitely more likely to get attracted to you, than if you're by yourself. So use this to your knowledge, and make a lot of female friends. Its ok, they don't bite, and they appreciate male friends.They'll be happy to hook you up and vouch for you to all their friends if you prove a good friend, so do it.

3) If you act like IT, people are dumb enough to believe you

OK, this sounds a bit... harsh, but the truth is, people's psychology is much simpler than we'd like to believe. If you go into a bar, and convincingly act as if you own that place and/or are a VIP, most people will treat you like and assume you are!


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I know it sounds too simple, but it works, it works... and oh... it works! So try it today, go to a place where no one knows you, and try to walk, gesture and pretend to be a celebrity. Don't actually say anything, just walk as-if. Notice how people (and women!) treat you.

4) You're not perfect, but she can't tell

Let me ask you, do you think there's such a thing as a perfect woman? No, and if you think there is one, you've just been fooled by her act, makeup, clothes etc... The good news is, the thing that fooled you the most is that she acted "hot".

I know its hard to believe, but the exact same woman, can be perceived as hotter, if she acts as if she's all that. Guess what? It works in reverse too... It works even better for men! If you act like you don't care about your imperfections, women will think you're hot. Its that simple!

5) She has no control over her attraction biology, but you do!

A lot of our biological mechanism for attraction are subconscious. We're hard-wired to be attracted to certain traits, characteristics etc... And... Often, there's not that much we can do. That's why you'll see women dating complete idiots and jerks. She can't help be attracted to him. She hates the fact she's attracted to a jerk, but there are parts of him that are like a magnet, and she's wired to be attracted to those traits.

So just apply the traits I talk about, and then throw in the super-secret tool I have for you - indifference. Its when you don't care if she wants you or not, will leave you, date you or not. This article is too small a space for me to go into details, but... For some reason, the less you care about women think, want or will do with you, the more they want you!

6) Get a harem (no really)

One of those biologically hard-wired traits is for women to be attracted to men who are pre-chosen by other women. She can't help but feel attraction for a man who she sees being popular with other hot girls.

Of course, once she gets him, she wants him to dump all other girls, but don't let this fool you. Women are not attracted to single, lone men. There has been quite a few scientific studies on this. Its been proven beyond belief. Meet and attract a lot of hot female friends, and you will score like mad with other girls.

7) You have hot women around you all the time (mentality trick)

So basically, I'm saying go around, acting like you're IT, surround yourself with hot female friends and everything will work out? So you're saying - yeah right, if that worked everyone would be doing it!

Well dude, if everyone did it, then it would stop working, wouldn't it:) This is our little secret. Go out and try it out TODAY. It doesn't cost you anything, and you can prove me wrong. But go out to some place where you usually don't have much luck, but do two new things.

1) Bring 2-3 hot female friends with you

2) Act (pretend) like you're IT, pretend and act for that day as if you're this cocky dude who's getting laid every day effortlessly

3) Pretend (and try to actually) not care what happens that night with anyone

Now notice how women respond to you, do women from the place stare at you, try to get your attention, and some other crazy stuff I can't mention here :)

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