What Attracts Women - 3 Attraction Triggers You Can Use Tonight

I think just about every man wants to know what attract women. There's no doubt that men and women think differently and I think we've all seen hot women with a man that, to be blunt, we simply can't understand why she is with him. Sometimes we ask ourselves the question: "What's he have that I don't?" It's clear that what attracts women isn't always what we think it might be. What is it then?

Well, sociologists have done a lot of research on the interaction between the genders in some factors do seem to emerge.

To begin, we'll be talking about relatively superficial initial attraction factors here. By that I mean the type of things that might initiate an attraction before to people really get to know each other. Obviously as a relationship develops, deeper factors come into play in deciding how the relationship unfolds.

1. Attraction Trigger

As you've probably heard, body language plays a vastly more important role in communication then the words that we use. It then stands to reason that our body language will be one of the signals that may attract a woman from the other side of the room.

In general, women are attracted to confident, secure men. An upright posture with the shoulders held back without being too stiff generally communicates this. It is also important to be comfortable making eye contact. A furtive, unsteady gaze suggesting security and possibly even untrustworthiness.

On the other hand, making strong eye contact too soon and gazing too intensely can be off-putting. To some women it will feel like aggression.

2. Status Makes a Difference

Another factor that attracts women is social status. Now this doesn't mean that you need to be a leader in society or a Titan of business, but it does mean that women like to see evidence that a man is respected or admired by others


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Men with leadership positions in just about any group will be more attractive to women in the group. Also, if a woman sees a man interacting comfortably and easily with a number of other women she takes that as social proof of his attraction.

And let's be frank here, if you do have a lot of money or a lot of social status is pretty darn easy to attract woman. That's why you see aging movie stars (Jack Nicholson comes to mind) or dumpy looking business executives with really beautiful woman, often much younger than they are. Let's face it, they didn't hook up with those women because of their charming personality alone.

However, that doesn't mean that those of us who aren't rich and/or famous are doomed. In a moment, I'll point you to resource that can train you to develop a personal magnetism that will be at least as effective as a deep bank account in attracting women. In fact, it will probably be even more effective because it will be internal, intrinsic and authentic to who you are, not based on external factors like your salary or job title.

3. Women Always Find High Energy and Good Humor Attractive

While I believe confidence and social status are two major factors, women also respond to a sense of energy, a sense of humor and laughter. A man who is engaged and enthusiastic will almost always attract more women than someone who is sullen and depressed. Keep in mind though that your playfulness and sense of humor should never be at anyone's expense.

That is, no mocking of ridicule of anyone with the possible exception of yourself. A good rule of thumb is that something is only funny if everyone was laughing. If someone feels that they're the brunt of an unfair joke, then it wasn't funny. Picking on someone they should look like a bully and women are attracted to bullies.

Now obviously I've only touched the surface of what attract woman with this article. While I've given you some ideas you can use right away, I can guarantee you that you can go farther. A lot farther. In fact, I've recently come across one of the best programs I've ever seen for coaching you to become the kind of man that exudes the power and presence that allows them to attract truly high-quality women, and hold onto them for the kind of relaxed, easy relationship they want that lasts as long as they want it to.

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