What Attracts Women - The "Secret Sauce" They Can't Resist

Wouldn't it be great to know what attracts women so you could succeed with then without really trying? Better yet, wouldn't it be great if it turned out that what attracts women is completely different from what most men think? Imagine what it would be like to be able to attract women effortlessly, just by being who you are?

I think any number of men would like to have that ability. In fact, many men scheme and plot and look for an angle that will somehow give them that magical power. They hope to find something to do that will make them irresistible to women.

Unfortunately, they are usually looking for a gimmick or trick or a manipulative technique rather than looking for something based on a solid foundation that might actually serve them in the long run. At best, that will lead to disappointment. But it can be even worse.

If a man gets caught up in plotting and pretending and scheming in his attempts to attract a woman he will get further and further away from the essence of what makes a man truly attractive. He might be able to make his "tricks" work in the short term but he has no foundation on which to build a real relationship with a real woman.

Psychological tricks and NLP manipulations aren't the answer (although an occasional embedded command in the proper context won't hurt). The answer goes beyond that. It lies in being a genuine man.

Too many men take woman at their word when they say what they think they want. They can talk at length about how they want a caring and sensitive and understanding man. But if a man tries to fill that role he'll quickly find himself being thought of as "a nice guy" or "a friend" and never as a potential romantic partner.


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Despite all the baloney put out by politically correct social theorists, men and women are not the same. Thank heavens for that. They want different things and have different way of looking at the world. The nature vs. nurture argument has been going on for a long time, but some differences are wired into are genes, as well as ancient social tradition and aren't going away any time soon.

Women are keyed to be attracted to men is a position of power. That power may have been physical power (more so in times past than today) or social power. This is as true today as it's ever been. Here's an example.

I won't go into the research details here, but social researches have shown that women are attracted to a man dressed in clothing that suggests he's in an authoritative position and not to the same man dressed in the uniform of a fast food restaurant. The man's physical looks don't matter - he can be movie star handsome or character actor ugly and his initial attraction for women will depend on their perception of his strength or power, not his looks.

Does this mean you need to be rich or powerful or a superstar athlete before you can attack women? Absolutely not! The key trait that women find irresistible is accessible to any man. I won't keep you waiting any longer. That key trait, that "secret sauce" is: confidence.

A confident man has an aura around him that allows a woman to relax and feel that someone else is in control and, in a metaphorical sense, "taking care of them".

One irony is that the more attractive a woman is, the more likely this is to be important to her beyond any other factor. Most men are intimidated by an exceptionally beautiful woman and never even try to approach her. If they do manage to screw up the courage to approach her, their insecurity clearly shows and makes them unattractive before they even open their mouth.

On the other hand, imagine how she would respond if she was approached by a fellow who exuded confidence and seemed in control of his world. You can be sure a fellow like that wouldn't use a cheesy pick up line and you can also be sure that his looks will be much less important to her than his attitude.

You've undoubtedly seen very ordinary looking guys with exceptional women and may have wondered what they have going for them. Now you know.

Of course, this simplifies things greatly. There are many other aspects determining what attracts women. If mastered, they give a man the ability to attract almost any woman at will. The surprising thing is that the keys to this kingdom are accessible to any man.

You see, by far the most important factors are the inner game, the mind set. That's the foundation and the most important aspect. Now there are techniques and methods that are good to employ (like how to carry on a conversation or ideas for great dates or how to increase her sexual attraction to you), but these are effective only after the foundation has been laid.

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