10 Things That Attract Women

The number one thing every guy wants to know is HOW to attract women. After teaching men how to be better with women for over three years, I sat down and put together the ten EASIEST things you can do to attract women today. These things can't replace getting out there and doing it. But these are pretty quick ways to step your game up to the next level and get the women you deserve. Check them out:

1. Get a Good Haircut - If you're still dealing out chump change at Super Cuts or having your sister cut your hair, things need to change. It may seem superficial, but studies have found that grooming is THE biggest indicator of physical attractiveness for men - and hair is where it all starts. Do a little research and find a nice local salon. You don't have to get highlights and the whole nine yards. But have a serious professional cutting your hair. Not just that, but ask them for their opinion on the best kind of hairstyle for your bone structure and face. If you're balding, have them work against that. If you want to grow longer hair, have them cut it in such a way that it grows in well.

2. Smile! - It may not seem obvious, but girls are consistently wary of men they don't know well. They naturally feel a bit threatened. A smile goes a long way to disarming that. It's a classic sales tool to create instant rapport with whomever you're talking to. Not only that, but smiling shows people that you're HAPPY. Being happy is pretty damn attractive.

3. Being a "Connector" - A connector is someone who has many friends and is usually hanging around multiple people. In general, women are far more concerned with what their peers think. When it comes to men, they're VERY curious as to what others think about you. If they see you around a bunch of people who like you, it speaks a lot to them subconsciously. Not only that, but being able to know a lot of people and introduce them to each other creates a lot of social value as well as makes you more of a fun person.

4. Slow down - This is a common nervous tick in men: they practically sprint everywhere they're going. It's a sign of being anxious, nervous or way too busy for your own good. Think of guys like James Dean or Fonze. They hardly even walk, they meander. When you walk slowly, you're sub-communicating, "Hey, they'll wait for me because the party arrives with me."


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5. Speak Loudly - Studies have shown that more is communicated in HOW you speak rather than WHAT you speak. A deep, billowing voice communicates authority, confidence, and being self-assured. Speak from your belly, in your stomach, speak loudly, and speak clearly. Practice in your car over loud music if you have to.

6. Stand Tall - Stand in front of a mirror and make sure you're not slumping or leaning down. Poor posture is incredibly unattractive and very easy to fix. You don't have to be super rigid like you just got out of the Marine Corps (although that's better than the alternative), but make your presence known - take up some space.

7. Don't Ask Permission - There's an old saying, "Ask for forgiveness, not permission." The idea is, it's better to do something and get rejected than to give someone else the power to choose for you. This is ALWAYS true with women. Apply this principle to kissing, dates, sex, calling, and the implications are HUGE.

8. Be the First to End Things - Be the first to end a conversation. Be the first to end a phone call. Be the first to stop text messaging. Be the first to end the date. Be the first to end the relationship. Always be the one with something else going on.

9. Wear Nice Shoes - I don't get it. You probably don't get it. But women's obsession over shoes carries over to men as well. Do a little research online or in magazines and get a couple nice pairs of shoes, casual and business, brown and black. Oh, and NEVER wear white socks.

10. Love Yourself - No, I don't mean in THAT way. But find and appreciate what's truly great about yourself. Forgive yourself for your own shortcomings. If you can't find a way to love and appreciate yourself, no woman ever will.

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