How to Attract Women - Top 5 Tips

All men want to know how to attract women. The answer would definitely make their dating lives easier, this much is certain. There are many different ways you can attract a woman to you, but you must be determined and believe that whatever you do is going to work. If you have no faith in yourself, you most surely will be dateless for a very long time. So, anyway, here are some ways you can use to help you become a little more irresistible to the opposite gender.

1. Walk through the Room Like You Own It

Do not be arrogant or cocky, but keep your shoulders back and your head up. This shows you are confident, and is a way of getting yourself noticed as well. If you breeze through as if you have no care, no worry and no fear, women will stand up and take notice of this. These are the qualities they love in a man, and you are expressing them through your body language. Be prepared for a few winks, sighs and smiles as you stride by.


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2. Have Some Fun

If you are in a bar with your friends, just relax and have fun. You have already made your entrance, now it is time to just be yourself and enjoy yourself. Women love men who can have fun and who have no problem showing this side of themselves in front of others. If there is a pool table, play a game. If it is karaoke night, sing. It does not matter if you make a fool of yourself or not, if it is an activity you like, and looking like a fool comes along with it, then do it. Humor at your expense will only make her want you more.

3. The Greeting

Men make too much of a big deal out of the approach. If you see a woman you want to talk to, just go up and say "hi". Do not take the time to come up with some cheesy pick up line or compliment, just a simple "hi" will do. Look her straight in the eye when you do it, lean casually next to her as you do. You will be surprised how this normal spin on your approach will spin your attraction factor right off the chart. Women are used to all the losers looking to impress. Your normal approach is refreshing.

4. The Conversation

Women love to talk, this is not a secret either. Here is the rule you follow: 70/30. This means you might begin a conversation, but you let her control 70 percent of it. This does not mean it is going to be boring, not by any means. However, you are showing her that you are truly interested in her and what she has to say. As she is talking, take mental notes about what she is saying. When it is your turn to speak, ask her a question on a topic she mentioned, like one of her favorite activities. The points will add up and the tingling of desire for you will begin in her body.

5. Go On, Kiss Her

Think back to those romantic old films, when the men just swept a woman into his arms and kissed her because he wanted to. This is what you are going to do. Maybe not so dramatically, but you are going to do it. Once the two of you have been talking for a bit and you feel the connection is there, you know you have to do something to keep it going. Now, women love men who take control. They love it when men lead the way. It is a major turn on. So when you have that overwhelming desire to kiss her, do not say a word. Just move in gently and begin kissing. As she kisses back, move closer. It is now that you can wrap her in your arms.

How to attract women is more than a topic to give you advice on. It is about the chemistry between two people that forces them to move on and explore one another further. You can be given all the advice in the world, but you must have the ability to recognize a woman's attraction for you and learn to act on it immediately.


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