How to Attract Women Instantly - 3 Simple Steps

How to attract women has been a quandary for many men over the years. Indeed, figuring out how to make the female sex notice, pay attention and get interested in what the male is striving to do to make an impression has probably been one of the ultimate questions since Adam wondered if wearing a different type of leaf would make Eve more attentive! Yet over the years, some insights have been gotten by the wisest of men, and some even tried to draw up a blue print.

Men in the world are divided into two large groups. Those who don't know how to attract women (which probably make a good 50% of the male population) and those who think they know. Men who thought they had the answers are divided again into three main groups:

1) Those who acted upon these revelations by going up to that one special woman in their lives and made the love story of a life time.

2) Those who acted by going up to many women and made many love (or at least lust) stories, and

3) Those who didn't act on them for whatever reason; which probably involve them being bound to life in a mountaintop monastery somewhere. If you're a hot-blooded male who know nothing about attracting women or even if you think you know everything about getting them interested in you, then I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you about how to attract women, make them really interested in you and engage them over and over again either for short, or long term relationships. If you'd like to get a grasp of these insights, read on!

Let's address 3 simple steps that can start you off into the direction of any and practically every women that hadn't given you the light of day, and make them give you her day and night, and day and night, and so on and so forth. The 3 steps I've put in questions:


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1. Are you in touch with yourself?

It's quite surprising how we put mental blocks on ourselves, limiting what we can accomplish, or at the other spectrum we are overconfident that we are Alphas and we have all the answers. These are extremes where on one side you believe that whatever you do around women, you are bound to fail because of your shortcomings, while on the other side you believe that you are God's gift to women and whatever you do will surely impress and woo. Get in touch with yourself.

2. Are you aware of women's needs?

We put too much emphasis on ourselves and the little cosmos around us to know that there are so many things out there that arouse women's interest. Step back a little and find out what's 'hot' for women; from their basic wants and needs to the happening trends. If you're too shy or otherwise too 'alpha' to think that some knowledge on things like dancing, cooking, cultural happenings are either above or below you, then these shortcomings will definitely hurt you in the short or long term. Open up to new experiences.

3. Do you take advantage of your environment?

Be aware. Take charge of situations. Be attentive but also use your immediate surroundings to great effect. After establishing contact with that special lady on a special occasion, some simple tips on this would be using a lot of eye contact with that one woman you're talking to, but also occasionally glance the surroundings and establish interesting points to comment so as to subconsciously embed into the woman a sense of confidence, a laid-back attitude that you're not rushing anywhere and have dedicated time for a 'warm-up'. At the same time, also establishing some eye contact with other women, or if she's in a group, having a topical conversation with balanced interest in her friends are part of a deflection theory to subtly challenge the woman's ego and make her more curious, impressed, competitive or everything in between.

You'd probably agree that the age-old insights would probably take more then the 3 simple steps outlined above. Breakdowns of each step, and zeroing in on the set of skills easy to master ( I haven't gotten to the next levels of ensuring women's attraction and surefire ways of not being rejected!) on how to attract women are readily available for you if you know where to look!


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