Attract Women with Magic Tricks

Performing magic involves tons of audience interaction. What if you could use that to your advantage and effortless impress and attract women by simply performing magic? The bottom line is this: women love magic. Ask 100 women if they want to see a magic trick and I guarantee at least 95 say yes. The other 5 are probably boring and you wouldn't want to get to know them anyway.

Consider this: if you approach a woman and blurt out a corny pick up line, it’s obvious that you are hitting on her and she will immediately shut herself off to you. However, when you approach her with absolute confidence and ask to show her something amazing, her sense of curiosity is aroused and she is immediately intrigued.

This guide provides some advice and tips that may seem unconventional. However, if you are willing try it, you’ll have a simple and powerful tool for picking up woman. The number one mistake men make when trying to attract women is this: they simply don’t take action. If you really want to succeed, you much go out and try these methods! Have fun! Who cares if you’re a bit shaky at first and your ego shatters a bit? It’s a fascinating learning process, a fun game.

There are four main points to my method:

1. Find

2. Meet

3. Attract

4. Close

Now, lets begin...

Step One: Find

My favorite place to find women is at the local shopping mall. Not surprising at all, right? Women love to shop, so where else would they flock? Traditionally, picking up girls is done at bars and clubs, so it never occurs to guys that the mall is a great place to meet woman.


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Night spots are great places too. The girls who go there might even want to be picked up! If you love the night life, this is the best place for you to meet women.

Step Two: Meet

Begin with a hello. Never, and I repeat, never, open with a pick up line you found on the internet. At malls, if you spot a girl resting or waiting, walk up and talk to her. Most likely, she is taking a break from shopping or waiting for her friends and would enjoy seeing some magic. Start with something along the lines of, “Hey, I saw you from over there, and thought I’d show you something cool.” You can tell her that you’re a magician, but personally I don’t, since it make me seem more mysterious. Ask for her name and tell her yours, and now you’re ready for the third step: attract!

Step Three: Attract

Here, you want to go into your magic routine. It is important to perform the appropriate magic tricks. You want tricks that will appeal to her personally. Mental magic works great, since it gives a sense of emotional connection between you two. A great trick to perform is Stigmata by Wayne Houchin. The trick is extremely personal and gets incredible reactions. Another effect I like is the Revolution Coin Vanish. I make her ring vanish and tell her she has to search me to get it back ; ) Just be sure to avoid “shock” magic tricks such as Disjointed, Saw, or Needle Through Arm. These are great tricks, but not ones you want to attract women with.

While performing your magic, you want to come off as an attractive person. Convey your personality through your magic; convince her that that you are funny, deep, intellectual, and adventurous. Speak clearly and project your voice. However, don’t talk too quiet or too loud and keep a relaxed posture.

As you perform and converse, be sure to touch her, in a playful and natural manner. If you cannot do this, then you can forget this whole this. Touching, also known as kino, short for kinesthetic, is one of the most important aspects in attracting women. Kino helps develop a physical connection between you and her and proves that you're a sexual being, meaning that you're boyfriend material.

When you're done performing, start some conversation. Ask basic questions and get to know her a bit more, while introducing yourself. Then, say that you enjoyed meeting her but have to leave. This sets the impression that you’re a sociable and busy person, not some loser who hangs around the mall all day, doing magic tricks. Make sure you tell her that you have to go, not the other way around.

Step Four: Close

Closing is getting further contact with her. Get her phone number, also her email or screename if you want. Ask if she would like to see some more magic (if you played your cards right, she will most certainly say yes) and set up a small meet up right then. Tell her that you’re free next Thursday and that it would be nice to ‘meet up and have a quick bite.'


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