Attract Women with Pure Personality

Unfortunately for them, more than 70% of men will never have the kind of success with women that they should be having, do you realize why that is?

The main reason is that they have no clue about to attract women. They keep trying the same techniques over and over that aren't working! This makes them think that attractive women are never going to be interested in them and that they will never attract the kind of woman that they think they want, so they settle for who ever will pay attention even if they're not really interested in that particular person.

The other and most important reason is that they will do absolutely nothing about the main reason! They just sit back and trust to luck and the law of averages! Look, I'm telling you, this is the wrong attitude and will surely lead to a less fulfilling life and into the hands of a partner who is not as emotionally strong and physically attractive as the kind of woman that I'm sure you want to have.

If you are now listening to advice from your friends, no matter how well meaning, they aren't only preventing you from getting the results you should have from your time spent trying to meet and attract women, They are also putting you at high risk of depression and lack of fulfillment that is the final result of having a less than satisfactory love life. Not to mention the joy and satisfaction, and the great life you'll receive by being with the right woman of your dreams!

Do you ask yourself, how does a semi-fat, balding, ugly jerk like me get a gorgeous girl to look at him, much less date him?

Well, before you spend too much time being down on yourself, remember this. Everyone is aware that there are big differences between men and women, but the main one is often over-looked, and that is how women's and men's brains function differently.

Reading from the New England Journal of Medicine, they say that a women's brain is more attuned to emotional responses than men's are. And, this is a because of the "maternal" instinct of women. After a woman gives birth, she needs to be able to understand the needs of her children, so she is then more attuned to emotions of everyone around her.

Without this ability to feel "empathy", she would not be able to properly care for her child.

Men, on the other hand, are more logical. This is the trait that helped men to provide for the home, and to survive all the dangers they faced in doing so, and it also allowed them to be better at hunting and providing protection.

This doesn't mean that women aren't logical and men aren't empathetic, but it does say that we naturally lean one way or the other.

Truth is most guys' do all they're not supposed to when it comes to attracting women. Then, all they know what to say is "what's wrong"? Does any of this sound like something you do?

There's looking attractive, and then there's BEING attractive.

These are two very different things. Besides your personal hygiene and the wardrobe you wear, there's nothing you can do about your looks. Nature and your parents have decided if you're stuck being short, bald, or whatever. That's not going to change anytime soon.

But you DO have 100% control over how you act. You have complete control over what you do, what you say, and how you perform in front of others!

Because women are more driven by their emotions than men, if you are able to evoke powerful, fun, and exciting emotions in women, they WILL be attracted to you, no matter what you look like.

But you DO have everything to do with how you act. You have the last word over what you do, what you say, and how you act in front of or treat others!

Since women are driven more by their emotions than men are, if you are one who is able to evoke strong, enjoyable, and exciting emotions in women, they WILL be very much attracted to you, and it makes no difference what you look like.

This is called "being attractive, and when you're "being attractive", your looks have absolutely no bearing on the interaction. This is why we tell you to use your personality to attract women.


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