What Attracts Women to Men - 5 Secrets

So you still don't have it down yet, do you? You still don't understand how to attract that sweet thing standing over in the corner? Before you can understand how to attract her to you, you have to understand yourself first.

What's that? You think you already understand you? Well then why are you reading this article? Listen, there is plenty of information available on this very subject, but the secrets I am about to share with you are the best around. They are sure to get you the girl; they will draw her to you like a magnet. So be open-minded and follow them like a bee to honey.

1. Become a Man

No, you didn't become a man the day you lost your virginity. That was just your first pleasurable moment with someone of the opposite sex. The day you become a man is the day you began thinking for yourself. It is the day you became independent and took your own path in life, not the path someone else felt you should take. The confidence you exude is real, not fake. This is what you need to attract a woman to you. You need to be a man, not some fake version. They say if you lack confidence, act confident until you feel it. While this is good advice, a woman wants a man who *has* it already. She can instantly tell the difference as sure as she can tell the difference between Versace and the knock-off.


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2. Be Transparent

Everyone is insecure about something. It does not matter what it is or who you are, insecurities exist. It takes a real man, though, to allow his insecurities to shine through when he is talking to a woman. Too many times a man believes it is better to be masculine and hide his fears. Bonk! Wrong answer. When you are talking to a woman, don't get hung up on your hang ups. Not only is this very liberating for you, but she will see you are a real man who is comfortable with whom he is. She will then relax and feel more comfortable with you. Let the attraction begin!

3. Live in the Present

Too many times a man will begin talking to a woman, and she will do or say something that reminds him of his ex, the person who broke his heart three years ago. He then begins freaking out, has a panic attack and runs off in the middle of a perfectly good conversation, about to go into coronary arrest. You laugh, but this happens. A woman is oh so attracted to men who can leave behind all emotional baggage and live his life in the here and now. No matter what has happened to you in past, let it fly out the window. Stand up and be the man who gets the right woman; the woman you deserve.

4. Do a Manipulation Check

If it is one thing women cannot stand it is a manipulator. And these days there are plenty of them to go around. Some women are actually pretty good at spotting them too. So here is what you need to do to make sure you are not trying to manipulate the pretty woman standing in front of you; ask yourself if what you are doing feels sneaky or dishonest. If your answer is yes, walk away to be fair to her. On the other hand, if you have the desire to make her happy and give her a joyful experience she won't forget; if you want to be a person in her life that adds to her happiness, then you are doing the right thing. Believe it or not, she can tell the difference and will be drawn even closer to you because of it.

5. Smile

Women love a man who smiles, especially if you have dimples. A smile shows you are happy and content, like to have fun and are playful. These are qualities women adore in men--qualities they are attracted to the most. So flash that smile and watch her as she moves quickly in your direction.

Learning how to attract a woman to you is as much about you as it is her. As the saying goes, you cannot be happy with someone else unless you are first happy with you.


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