Relationship Dating Techniques - 10 Powerful Tips to Attract Women

In this article you will learn ten powerful relationship dating techniques to attract women. These are proven attraction techniques any man can use; you do not have to be as rich as Bill Gates or as handsome as Brad Pitt. Many men find it difficult to attract women. Let us face it, if attracting women was something every man could do, there would be no single men! The following techniques will practically ensure that you are one of the men capable of attracting almost any woman he desires.

1. Listen

You must truly listen to the woman. Hang on her every word. Listen to what she has to say and ensure that you respond to everything in an appropriate manner.

2. Body Language

Master your body language so as to flirt with the woman. She will subconsciously pick up on your subtle signals and this will act as an aphrodisiac. If sitting side-by-side point your knees in her direction. When chatting ensure that you hold eye contact; do not look away. Stroke your hair almost unconsciously. Let a smile touch not only your lips but your eyes too.

3. First Impressions

We only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one. We call first impressions the halo effect; it leaves an indelible impression on the woman who will judge you forever-after on this initial encounter. Ensure that you have taken care with your appearance. Dress smartly and be thoroughly groomed. As relationship dating techniques go, this is a hugely important one.

4. Questions

To attract women, you must be genuinely interested in the woman. Ask probing but, at once, polite questions. Inquire about her hobbies, her interests, her career. When you receive answers, that you have intently listen to, be sure to respond with as much interest as when you asked the questions.


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5. Originality

You must convince her that you are different from other men she may have met. Do not be a cliche. Be yourself. Allow everything that makes you unique shine through. Give her the benefit of your knowledge. Share your interests. Talk about your past. Paint a picture of "you", make sure it is fresh, vibrant, original. You are a one-of-a-kind individual, so let your personality shine.

6. Lasting Impressions

You must have such an impact on the woman that she cannot help but remember you and think of you with unabashed fondness. Dress in a distinctive and stylish manner. Wear a cologne with a pleasantly masculine scent; nothing too strong and over-powering. Leave her wanting to know more about you, to spend more time in your presence. Share fun jokes and anecdotes. Compliment her in every way you see fit. In short, you must be a vivifying breathe of fresh air.

7. Senses

It is imperative that you make an impact upon each one of her senses. Wear an appealing fragrance, dress smartly and distinctly, talk to her with a nice jaunty tone of voice, hold her hand with care as if it were a priceless piece of porcelain.

8. Center Of Attention

The woman must feel like the center of the universe. Focus all of your attention upon her. Make everything about her, relate everything to her. Every woman loves to feel special but this is so much more than that, this is making her feel your every thought centers around her. Let her that, while you are with her, no one else is as important.

9. Keep Promises

If you promise to arrive for her at a certain time, ensure that you are indeed on time. If you promise to do something, likewise, ensure that you follow through and do it. It is imperative that you keep your promises. The woman must learn to trust you. Trust is formed in tiny ways: keeping a date, being honest, doing what you say you will do.

10. Leave Her Wanting More

Do not reveal everything about yourself. I leave this as the last tip because, honestly, it can be the most powerful of the relationship dating techniques. We have all heard that women like men of mystery - so much so that it has become a bit of a cliche, no? But, trust me, it works. You must leave the woman wanting more, craving that little more knowledge about your interests, your career, your ambitions, your thoughts. Imagine that you are a hard-to-put-down novel; you must make her want to turn the next page!

If you follow these 10 dating relationship techniques, not only will you find it possible to attract women, you will soon be able to attract practically any woman. I am a woman and also a relationship expert. Take it from me, women are not interested in money, or even model-handsome men. Understand what we crave, gentlemen, and you will never be short of feminine company.

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