7 Easy Ways To Attract Women Properly

There is no man whether single or married that doesn't wish to attract beautiful ladies. Assuming that you were in a club with some of your friends, relaxing after the day's work and you set your eyes on a sexy lady that is winking at you from across the club. You ignore it as nothing and you keep chatting with your friends, later you realize that she is actually giving you a smile. You motivate yourself and you proceed to have a chat with your new female admirer.

In the begin, the chit chat started off well as she was interested and excited about you. Then you go on the usual route and begin asking her twenty one questions like "where she is from" and "how she spends her free time". The minute you feel that everything is okay; she all of a sudden starts scanning the room and immediately stops adding to the conversation. You notice this and you try to save the situation by talking about a new topic believing that this would make her excited again, but this does not do the trick. She decides to go to the restroom and from there she bolts.

If you are seeing a familiar scenario very often then you need to improve your game. You have got to read through this article to know more on how you can attract women and keep the discussion with them interesting.

Tip #1: Stop With The Interview Styled Questions

Nobody likes being interviewed in a social interaction! Don't ask a woman direct questions like "where do you work" and "how old are you", try and make your question more like a statement or something that you just guessed. Like instead of saying "what is your profession", try saying something like "you must be an engineer with the way you analyze things". When you say things this way, she would be free to answer in any manner instead of being forced to give you a direct answer that seems like she is in an interview. You should begin using this tip whenever you meet a new person - woman or man! It eases up a lot of social tension that comes with answering questions (especially personal ones) and best of all you would get better responses from women.

Tip #2: Women Love Healthy Men


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This simply tells you that you should not talk about whatever illnesses that you previously have. Be proactive with this by only talking about the things that signify that you are in good health. An example is talking about awkward or funny things that happened to you at the gym or when you went for a run.

Tip #3: Please, Please and Please... Don't brag

It is good that you have a nice car and you run your own business however telling her these things directly only makes you look like you are boasting. Yes it is true that women like wealthy and successful men, but you would score more points with a woman if she discovers these things herself and not from what you told her. In most cases women see men who brag about themselves as having low self esteem. If you must really point out the fact that you are rich and successful; then trying telling a story where she can deduce the facts for herself.

Tip #4: Always Relax

The moment you walk up to chat with a woman, make sure that you pay attention to your body. You need to relax your shoulders and lean back a little. Don't act so tensed up. You should even try leaning comfortably on something. You should also remember to hold your drink by your side and not in front of you. We all have the habit of holding our drinks in front of us because it is more convenient but this creates sort of like a barrier between you and the woman that you are talking to - we definitely don't want that.

Tip #5: Be A Little Mysterious

Don't be an open book when it comes to women. When she probes you for answers to questions, don't give straight forward answers. You need to give her clues to try and figure out what kind of person you are - this makes her more invested in trying to know more about you and this increases her interest.

Tip #6: Do Some Role Playing With Women

This one might sound silly but women actually love to role play both during the initial chatting stage and when you become lovers. So you should add some playfulness in your conversation by giving her the role of your personal assistant in a very playful way. Or you could act as if you were already a couple and then break up with her if she says something that you disagree with - do all these in a teasing way!

Tip #7: Get A Little Help From Artificial Pheromones

Pheromones are scents that you emit from your armpits that signal your sexual desirability and attractiveness to a woman. With the way we live and because of personal hygiene so many have to mask their pheromone scent with soaps, deodorants and cologne. You can enhance your masculine scents by using artificial pheromones and increase your sexual appeal to women greatly.


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