Effective Secrets to Attracting Women - Improve Your Game!

If there wasn't so much competition in the world when it comes to attracting women then most guys would just be able to rely on their natural instincts. Unfortunately there is a lot of competition, and it's important that any guy that wants to be successful when attracting women then they need to develop some real skills to do so. By following some not so often used tactics which can actually be considered as secrets, it can increase your chances of being a real attention grabber when it comes to the women in your life

Step #1: Become a researcher of women

What you're going to do here is once you see a particular woman that is appealing to you, then before even making any type of approach you should learn all about her. First find out some key points of what is important to her, so you are armed with conversation material early in your first contact with her

Step #2: Pay attention to her sense of sight

Appeal to her senses by starting with her sight. Once you have gone through step one, chances are you're going to know what appeals to her physically. If you don't have perhaps the physique that will be attractive to her then make the most of what you have by using the right clothing that is going to create that look, or a similarity to it. This way you are appealing to her sense of sight. Step #3: Appeal to her sense of smell

Her sense of smell is extremely important. Women are naturally drawn to pleasant odors and what you are dealing with here is a chemical reaction taking place through her pheromones. If you are not sure what type of Cologne would be most attractive to her, try and pick up some hints from her characteristics. Even the way she dresses may tell you a little bit about this girl. If she tends to dress more sports minded then chances are she will be turned off by the sweeter smelling colognes. Play it safe, and go for cologne, or after shave that has more earthy tones to it.


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Step #4: Use the sense of hearing to your advantage

Hearing of course is the one that most men rely on to make themselves most appealing, and it is also the most difficult characteristic to portray in a positive way. Many men are withdrawn or nervous, and don't know how to approach women in general. It is all the more difficult when they are attracted to a specific woman. By setting the foundation of knowing her likes and dislikes it makes it much easier to be able to carry through with the conversation, by being able to start with the lead of a topic of her interest.

Step #5: Don't be afraid to use the sense of touch

Touch is extremely important, but knowing when to touch and how to touch a woman is something that has to be kept in mind. Timing is everything about the touch, and it can have a very powerful impact on creating a good impression, or opening doors for allowing a woman to relax and be a little more comfortable. It then creates a favorable atmosphere. A simple touch on the shoulder or on the hand is all that is required.

Step #6: Don't underestimate the sense of taste

A sense of taste may seem to be a bit unusual when being filtered into the attraction of women. The whole concept here is to make a favorable impression and atmosphere which appeals to all the senses. Something as simple as that first date at the right restaurant, that serves the right food can add to the overall ambience of the first contact, again creating a most favorable impression.

Step #7: What others think counts

Finally being a generally likable person confirms the positive feelings that women may be forming about you. It confirms that they are experiencing the proper emotional responses. A guy that seems to be not liked by others will not create a favorable atmosphere, and will send up warning signals to women in general

With a little research and appealing to the five senses< of women in general, are secrets that are not well known, but do work very well.

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