How to Attract Women - Make Women Interested in You

Hey guys. Want to attract some great, attractive women? Let's do it! Here are the top 5 ways to impress and attract the women you want to be with--TODAY.

1. Remind yourself that you DESERVE good women. Because, in truth, EVERYONE deserves a great women! The best attitude you can carry around is this:

"I am a great guy. I am attractive. I DESERVE great, attractive women."

It's not being pompous--it's building your confidence and helping you to maneuver the jungle that is women! Unfortunately, men miss out on the great women they deserve because they believe they don't deserve a great gal.

I promise you: just adopting this positive mindset and removing the negative garbage, will CHANGE your dating success forever.

To reinforce this, here's the second guideline!

2. Don't put yourself down! Whether it's dating, careers, sports, or any other objective you have, you MUST believe in yourself. So filter out the negative garbage, and NEVER EVER, not even in a joking manner, talk to women about any negative attribute you THINK you have.


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One of the great ways to do this is with TEASING, which shows YOU ARE IN CONTROL. If a tall model says you're short, put her in her place! Say something like, "Well, clearly your standards are a bit out of whack. I mean, you're a MODEL?! What agency was convinced of that??" I'm not saying to be a JERK, just to be in control. If a woman puts you down or tells you you're not "good enough", then guys: SHE'S NOT WORTH YOUR TIME!

Of course, you can joke about things. Be a positive source of laughter. If you're talking to a girl and yes, you are short, then say, "Hey, being short has its advantages. I mean, look at how much money I'm gonna save! When I have kids, we can borrow each other's clothes!" NEVER put yourself down, but do have fun. Which brings me to the third best way to impress women:

3. Be a constant source of fun and laughter! Hey, guys, this is crucial: WOMEN LOVE TO BE AROUND GUYS WHO MAKE THEM FEEL BETTER. Compliment them, tease them, make them laugh--whatever. But be a source of POSITIVE energy, not negative. Women HATE to be around guys who put themselves--AND OTHERS--down. So make them feel good about who they are and who YOU are. If you treat yourself as a great guy, chances are, women will, too!

4. Winning body language. Women judge men by the way they move and position themselves; it's part of their superior communication skills to know what a man is thinking or feeling based on his body language. So, position yourself in the right way: don't slouch, sit upright, gaze at her knowingly, lean into her to initiate intimacy.

You should also learn the do's and don'ts of great body language. In "How to Be Irresistible to Women," I've got a great pair of lessons on body language that will teach you the right ways--and the wrong ways--to project high status.

5. Use any female friends or acquaintances to make yourself NOTICEABLE. Guys, women NOTICE other women around men, no matter how they look. (In fact, nothing negates the importance of looks and beauty MORE than seeing good-looking women around a man, regardless of his looks.) Of course, the hotter the women are, the hotter you look, but even just having average-looking female company can only help attract them. The important thing is this: THAT THE WOMEN AROUND YOU ARE SEEN TO BE HAVING FUN!!

If the woman (or women) you're interested in see that other women are having fun in your presence, believe me, they'll be inclined to join the fun! In fact, a very simple pickup line is this: Go to the women you are interested in and say, "Hello, ladies. I notice you're over here, and we're over there having fun. Care to join us for a drink?" Don't be arrogant, don't be presumptuous. Just casually invite them over for a fun time. This works if it is done NATURALLY and EFFORTLESSLY. All you want them to do is join the conversation, right?

I hope this helps. It's only a start to showing women how impressive and attractive are, but if you remember to build yourself AND OTHERS up, then it will work, and you will attract women!

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