How to Attract Women - The One Quality No Woman Can Resist!

If you want know how to attract women in a very real and genuine sense, I want you to pay very close attention to the next few sentences. It's unfortunate that the world we live in is so full of ignorant men that think that the phrase "emotionally mature" is applicable only to the contemporary nancy-boy: a pansy-livered metrosexual, smiling tepidly over his low-fat Nutrasweet'd latte grande while the tough boys chew tobacco and talk baseball.

This is emphatically not the case! An intelligent, independent woman is primed to value emotional maturity in a male above almost any other trait.

There are four reasons for this.

One: An emotionally mature man is better able to cope in rapidly shifting environments. He is more likely to achieve, and maintain, control: true leaders with true power have the emotional complexity and maturity to ADAPT to changing situations and their changing demands. They are quick-witted and able to think on their feet.

Only emotionally mature men are able to exert this kind of ability in leadership situations, and only emotionally mature men make good leaders. This is the kind of man that can attract women at will.

Evolution has taught us to prize adaptability, and the leadership advantages it confers, very highly in potential mates as a necessary and desirable survival mechanism.

Two: In addition to changing his emotions to fit the situation, an emotionally mature man is also capable of changing the situation itself. Being able to adapt a situation in accordance to your emotions is an extremely valuable trait to possess.

For example, let's say you've taken a girl out on a date. You're sitting down to dinner together, when an old boyfriend of hers appears. He approaches, and insults you.

At first, you feel angry and outraged - just as he intended you to. But then (demonstrating your emotional maturity and adaptability) you turn the situation around on him by making a witty, self-deprecating remark about yourself in mock-accordance with his insults.

Everybody around you laughs; the woman you are with laughs admiringly. The old boyfriend is left only with lower-value insults to combat your wit. As a result, you are the victor of this situation; he is left looking like a deflated, witless fool.

By using your emotional maturity and adaptability, you have showed up the other man's less sophisticated attempt at situation control - and demonstrated your own higher social value. (Women are attracted to high-status men.)

Three: An emotionally mature man is likely to make a good father. Emotional maturity implies intelligence, which is a trait that all women want their children to possess. A smart dad is more likely to have smart kids; emotionally mature men are more likely to be smart. Therefore, women are "programmed" to want smart men.

Obviously, that's not to say that all this goes through a woman's mind verbatim when she sees you turning an ugly situation to your own advantage. She doesn't think about what a good father you'll make, or how your future kids would be more likely to have high IQs. She doesn't think about what a good leader you are, or how quickly you can adapt to any situation.

Instead, she'll admire your verbal dexterity and quick wit, and won't bother analyzing the situation any further other than to realize that she's attracted to you. But attracted to you she will be - and it's emotional maturity that's attracted her.

Four: Finally, let's not forget about plain old compatibility. Men who are emotionally mature are able to converse fluently with women in their own "language". They're accustomed to relating to women on their own level, discussing topics with them that are of interest to women (relationships, stories, anything involving emotion, as opposed to things involving logic or spatial ability like politics or the work you're planning on doing on your carburetor).

The more you're able to relate to women on their own level, the more entertaining they will find you, the stronger your rapport will be, and the more they will like you. See point #1 for the value of emotional connection if you don't get it already.

So, NEVER forget this law of building attraction - women are attracted to men who demonstrate emotional maturity. This is because such men are evolutionary proven to be highly adaptable, of high social value, a better mate and father, and because they're more compatible with women.


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