The Secret to Attracting Women At Will!

Entertainment is an extremely sought-after quality in a partner. Most women value a sense of humor in a man over just about everything else it's on a par with self-confidence and the ability to emotionally connect with women. Despite the high value that our society places on physical beauty, studies have shown overwhelmingly that a "good sense of humor" will totally eclipse mere "good looks" every time, when it comes to attracting women!

Translation: it doesn't matter how ugly you are. If you can make women laugh, you're a shoo-in. Once again, the value of entertainment boils down to womens' preferences for just about everything emotional. Humor may not be an emotion in itself, but it calls up all sorts of other emotions. A good joke, an intriguing story, or an entertaining anecdote, takes the listener through a variety of emotions, climaxing with the punchline (and resultant laughter).

For example, the average anecdote tells a short story about an entertaining incident in somebody's life. But upon reflection, it becomes clear that most anecdotes aren't actually about amusing things in themselves. In fact, when you think about it, most anecdotes are actually about rather horrible experiences.

An example of a typical anecdote: the time your car broke down on your way to an important job interview. You covered yourself in oil and grease trying to fix it, thus destroying your best, most expensive suit that you'd forfeited a week's rent in order to buy. Your car was a write-off (thanks largely to your ham-fisted tinkerings), your suit was utterly destroyed, and you were evicted from your flat because of the skipped week's payment. But... ta-daaahh! You got the job, and so all is well.

This little story follows the exact, if pared-down, formula of a conventional anecdote. Tragedy after tragedy occurs, rendered humorous only by the fact that the relater clearly lived to tell the tale (since the events are now occurring in hindsight). The listener feels horrified sympathy for the relater of this anecdote, which intensifies as the anecdote proceeds.


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Finally, just when things couldn't get any worse and the listener has reached their peak of pity, the relater of the anecdote opens the jack-in-the-box punchline, and BANG! The "punchline" (in this case, the principle of "It's OK because I ended up getting the job, soeverything else is rendered unimportant") hits the listener right in the face.

The surprise, coupled with the extreme contrast between the first and last halves of the anecdote, results in the typical human reaction to the unexpected: laughter.

The value of entertaining stories, jokes, and anecdotes is to be found in the variety of roles that you, as the relater, are casting yourself in.

Allowing somebody to see you in a variety of roles - as in the above example, as a pitiable would-be-successful applicant, struggling against the odds; as a heroic conqueror of said odds; as the prodigal hero bringing home the bacon - is an effective way of building an emotional connection with someone. It allows them to sneak a peek at how you might handle situations in future challenges.

And even when the roles that you're cast in aren't actually true - as is the case with many fictitious jokes - there's another, equal value to be had: the value of the "emotional rollercoaster" that jokes represent. You are telling the listener a story, and taking her on an emotional journey. Women like stories; they like to experience emotions, particularly of the vicarious kind.

This is why so many women like soap operas and romantic comedies, as opposed to the plotless but-bloody action entertainment that's valued by men. If you can get her to experience a variety of emotions through your story-telling, she will credit you with the resulting entertainment value.

And of course, there's one more, really obvious value in humor: quite simply, it's entertaining. Everybody likes to be entertained - women in particular. Women prize men who can make them laugh partly because it implies intelligence on the male's behalf (you must be smart to be entertaining), but also because women are programmed to look for long-term partners.

A woman will be better off in the long term with someone who entertains her. If she was only in it for a night or two, she wouldn't care how entertaining you were; she'd go for the best-looking man, instead, because that would offer her the most value in that short time-frame. But because women want relationships of indefinite length, rather than just one- or two-night stands, they want to know that they'll be having a good time throughout. And humor is the best guarantee that you will provide that entertainment.

Women will always prefer men who can entertain them over anybody else. If you want to attract a woman and keep her interested in you, use humor. It never fails.

So never forget: Women need to feel that their chosen partner has the capacity to make them laugh. This is because of the emotional value in humor and jokes; because it permits her a sneak peek at your character; and because she will be better off in the long run if she pairs up with someone who entertains her. Remember this and you'll be well on your way to experiencing massive success with women.


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