How to Succeed With the Most Attractive Women on Earth

Attraction plays a central role in a romantic interaction between a man and a woman and most of the time decides if they end up as a couple or just as friends. And most men usually try to avoid falling into the second category. So, what exactly can you do to attract women naturally?

One sure way to draw a woman's attention is by taking care of your appearance. I said it before and will say it again: your looks don't play such a big role, but you still have to look your best. If you come across as a slob, you will have a much harder time building natural attraction with a woman than if you looked well groomed and psychically fit. So, start dressing well and hit the gym!

But don't just fix your appearance and hope to be done. It's actually your personality - your mindset - that will make the real difference here. When most guys think that being rich and handsome are the only requirements to become a guy women want, it's actually your behavior that plays a much bigger influence on women than these two combined.


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Without the right kind of mindset and the matching behavior, you could have all the looks and riches in the world, but you would still have a hard time attracting women. Sure, you could find a companion who wants you only because of your money, but would you really want a women who is only after your money? And if you think that good looks would get you far, not if you demonstrate wimpy behavior and have the personality of a shoe!

So, like I said before, the deciding aspect here is your mindset. A guy, who has his own unshakable mindset, doesn't really let women affect him as much. He won't chase a woman just because he thinks she is "the one" or let her control and manipulate him. He won't look for a woman to define himself because he already knows who he is.

It is actually easy to understand the mindset of a natural attractive guy: he never compromises his own beliefs because of other people, not even for a woman. He has a healthy set of boundaries and he expects others to respect them. His worth as a man comes from within himself and not from the people surrounding him. With such attitude, confidence and the feeling of independence are something that come naturally to him.

Now, the difficult part is to acquire this kind of mindset. I could feed you all the facts in the world, like how you shouldn't be affected by the behaviors of other people or why having your own boundaries will make women attracted to you, but this will do no good until you have internalized them into your own belief system.

Sure, for a short period of time, this stuff I just wrote can give you the motivation to go after the women you want, but not until it's internalized into your psyche, you will still fall back to your old beliefs. One sure way to really get to the stage, where you become a man women feel naturally attracted to, is to find evidence for this new belief and reinforce it with experiences and facts that support it.

So my best advice for you here is to go out, meet new people and gather these experiences! In addition, find material that gives you supporting evidence to these experiences until you know that this stuff really works, instead just believing in it. Trust me, it's a long hurdle going from believing to knowing.

In the end, all I can say is this: if you really want to generate an attractive force around you, find something you love and spend time and heart on it. Give it a priority in life and don't let anyone get into your way. If a woman notices that you have ambition - a certain goal in life - something even she can't take away from you (not that she would, but she will test you), she can't help it but to feel attracted to you.

When a man's time becomes valuable to himself and he stops wasting it on others - he doesn't give it to just anyone - a woman will be turned on, if he decides to dedicate some of it to her. This in turn will also make him less needy and reactive to her behavior what furthermore leads to more attraction.

A man does not have to be rich, talented, and overly smart to attract women. Having a firm set of beliefs and the right amount of experiences will make you the guy who will attract women naturally.


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