4 Steps to Attract Women with Core Confidence

Before you can date top quality women or persuade them that you're worth of their time, you have to really believe that you're the prize in the interaction. This means you need to have 110% belief in yourself around the opposite sex and let it show naturally.

You're probably saying to yourself, "How can I just believe I'm high status when I don't "feel" high status? First off, You need to know that the things turn attractive women on the most are learned characteristics that can be developed by anyone.

Any guy has the resources to start developing a more curiosity intellectually, more persistence in personality, more courage in mindset, more focus on being resourceful, stronger leadership skills, a more humorous perspective, more ambition for success, more positivity in outlook, more fitness physically, a healthier lifestyle, better grooming habits, and more awareness of fashion.

And here's the Master Key To Success; the above traits are the real things that create attraction with good looking women.. it's not a face like George Clooney, A tall muscular physique, or the bank account of Will Smith.

1. Be real with yourself about where you currently are as far as faults or short-comings you have. Be honest with yourself.

Buy a journal and write all this down. Make a list of one fault or short coming on each line.

Do you have a lack of knowledge, and, therefore, conversation skills in many areas? Are you short on style when it comes to your wardrobe? Do you come across as not very interesting? Do you fail to see the value of grooming habits? Do you have a hard time finding goals in life? Do you put things you need to do off until the last possible minute? Have women complained about your "Two Minutes Of Mediocrity" in bed?


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Write all these things your thinking of down. It's very helpful just to see it them writing You can even use code-words if you think your list might be discovered and posted online by a villainous sibling.

2. Have a clear picture of the ideal man you want to be in the future

Next to every "turn off" trait that you know women find unattractive, write the "turn on" trait that you're going to replace it with. You know, that characteristic that will pull beautiful women to you like a powerful magnet.

Next to "I smell like bad milk" write "Girls Sniff On Me Like An Axe Cologne Commercial"... Or something like that.. Etc.

3. Have a realistic plan to get form point A to point Z

What steps will to you take to prevent any premature disasters in the bedroom, for example? I'm not sayin' this is your problem (but it probably is).

Will you search on the net for some simple solutions to prolong the duration of your sexual encounters (sticking with the same example)? Will you stop by a nearby book store and look through a few books by experts who deal with that problem? Will you spend an extra 10 minutes improving your grooming habits every morning. Will you make up your mind to never leave the site of a goal without taking some type of action towards achieving it?

It's very important to make realistic plan to take you from where you are at this moment to where you want to be in in the future. Do it now. Simply take each one of your unattractive qualities on the list you created and write a simple plan of action you can begin to get the intended outcome and new attractive personality trait.

4.Begin moving along your path with purpose

Seduction Secret #2: You don't have to be successful to attract women... not yet.

You don't have to be successful as long as you have the potential and ambition to succeed and you're moving along your path. That means all you have to be right now is committed to constant, daily improvement. That's enough to be seen as a high status guy and, therefore, a rare and attractive guy.. A guy with "purpose".

Girls are like A&R scouts. They have the intuitive ability to sense when a man has the potential for success.

At your core you have to know who you are.. in this present moment.. the good and the bad. You also need to have a clear vision of the ideal guy you want to become.

Then you need to have a pragmatic plan to get from where you are now to where you want to finally end up. Lastly, you need to start moving along the path you've made with clarity and purpose.

If you take these action steps right now then you will become an attractive man immediately. Why? Because a man moving with purpose and clarity is a rare thing. This will definitely set you apart as a man with his life on track. And women will find it irresistible. They will see you not just for who you are, but who you are destined to be. They will see the "ideal you" that you are moving towards.

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