What Turns Them On?

People make 90% of their opinion about us in the first 4 minutes.

Physical desirability is determined in the first 10 seconds.

You do not have to look like the latest Hollywood hunk or runway supermodel to be attractive to the opposite sex. By understanding why and how people are attracted to you and employing these strategies you can easily have them looking your way.

Gender signals operate on a subconscious level. Which has been passed on by are ancestors. Do men perceive beauty over personality and intelligence? Flowers have beautiful colors to be attractive in a deep forest. They let you know about their condition this way. It is the same for human attraction. A man is attracted to a woman when she shows the possibility of him passing on his genes. An attractive man for a woman is usually one who can provide food and safety. Looks are not always a number one priority for woman but rather a sense of security. They are usually attracted to older men because of this.

What turns men on the most?

Men are visual beings. They first see the physical beauty of a woman and if she could carry his gene. But a man does not seek the same physical lust in a long term partner. But more for a stable relationship and someone who can care for him and the family.

A woman's body seems to have been created as a sexual signaling system for men.


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Men's turn on

1. Athletic Body

A fit body is a sign of health and shows that she is able to bear children and is most likely able to defend herself and her offspring form danger. Some extra pudge is usually more attractive because it helps in breastfeeding.

2. Full Breasts

Late teens and early twenties are men's favorite for breasts. As this is a woman's sexual and reproductive peak. Typical of what you would find in clothing ads and erotic magazines. But don't worry if yours are not quite like that because research and common knowledge show that men love breasts no matter what size. So they are not only attracted to large breasts. They just simply love them all.

Breasts are mostly fat tissue which is not involved in the production of milk but gives them that contoured look. Breast mostly change only a little during pregnancy. They are usually used for sexual signaling.

The patch around the nipple is called the areola and it has small glands that during sexual activity actually emit a scent. Which in turn stimulates the male brain. Now that goes to show you why men like to spend there time there.

3. Long Legs

A stairway to heaven: The more leg a man sees and the longer they are the better because it draws attention up above.

When a girl reaches puberty her legs lengthen and become a signal to males that she is sexually maturing. Which is it is associated with sexuality. Teenage girls learn of this early and start to wear high healed shoes to make their legs seem longer and short skirts. Men like high heels because they make a woman look more sexual by making her legs seem longer, arching her back, making her butt stick out, thrusting her pelvis forward.

Men are more attracted to thicker legs then muscular legs for sake of sexual differences. It has been shown woman will unconsciously select more revealing dresses/skirts and heels during her menstrual cycle/ovulating.

4. Rounded waist/hips

Woman have been trying to keep or get the hourglass figure by any means possible for the last five centuries. Even if it meant great pain, suffering and work. This meant broken ribs, damaged internal parts, reduced breathing etc. All this from wearing a bustie to look like an hourglass figure. A woman is most attractive to a man when her hip to waist ratio is 70%. The hourglass being her waist is 70% the size of her hips.

Usually interest is lost if ratio exceeds 80%. A ratio of 100% or more attracts little attention as this shows fat distribution around the womb and ovaries and is a non verbal indication of lower fertility. Your body moves fat away from vital organs such as the heart, brain, and testicals. Woman who are fixed gain fat around the stomach like men because they no longer have reproductive organs.

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