How to Attract Girls at a High School Party

Teens attend parties to have FUN. They want to get away from the tough school hours during the week, kick back and ENJOY life a little. Parties, for that reason, are always filled with high energy, blasting music, drunken teens, laughing, fighting etc. The point is parties are FILLED WITH EMOTION. There are generally two types of people at these "high energy" parties:

1) The "Wallflower". (Those who grab their drinks -> sit/ stand out of the spotlight -> quietly enjoy their night).

2) The "Entertainers". (Those who are the center of attention/life of the party -> usually create the excitement/ laughs/ entertainment of others).

Teenage girls view the "entertainers" as usually the charismatic, confident, funny, outgoing personality type, whereas the "wallflower" is seen as an insecure, bored, closed personality. Fact is teenage girls (and all girls for that matter) GRAVITATE towards the "entertainers" of the party. Teenage girls of our era generally live pretty mediocre, boring lives. They look for their male counterpart to give them that extra push for an exciting, adventurous, unpredictable lifestyle that they just don't have.

Girls are totally sexually attracted to positive energy exerted by males, SO BE A FUN GUY! Become the life of the party (I don't mean get drunk as hell and make a fool out of yourself) but confidently and casually waltz around the party with a smile on your face and socialize with EVERYONE. Make short conversation with all girls there, but make it fun, exciting, and sexually stimulating (by flirting with them).

I find that becoming the LIFE of the dance floor, is a GUARANTEE SUCCESS in attracting girls. Girls LOVE guys who dance, and if they are the center of attention in the biggest spotlight of the party, girls will by FAR be impressed.

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You see...the key to meeting teen girls at these parties is not going straight up to them and forcing out awkward conversation. The REAL KEY is to make yourself known at the party, and others will flock to YOU (guys and girls) because were all attention seekers. It's a contagious thing... think about it. If one girl is impressed by your dancing and "not giving a shit" attitude, she will approach you.

When the other girls see you talking to/ dancing with that girl... they will sub consciously label you as "desired", and THEY will approach you (girls get EXTREMELY jealous from other female competition, so use it to your advantage). Once the guys see that you're mingling on the dance floor with a group of girls who are subtly talking/ near you, THEY will want to join in on the success and approach to start dancing near you or just to say "what's up?"

Before you know it, you're suddenly the center of attention of the party, and EVERYONE will glare at you in either awe or jealousy. You will seem charismatic the way people are gravitating towards you, and it is a CHAIN REACTION. How do you start the chain reaction? You do this by slowly initiating POSITIVE energy and getting on that dance floor. Your main goal is to just get that ONE girl NEAR you or dancing WITH you. You will not believe the utter success that flows from that, it's almost magical. It literally puts a smile on my face because I've done it SO MANY times. I'm not talking out of my ass here boys it WORKS.

Just build the confidence to become the life on the dance floor in the first place and all else will follow. Try not to gain your confidence through alcohol consumption, but rather look within yourself, realize you only live ONCE... and hit the dance floor GUNNIN.

My most successful philosophy in attracting teen girls at parties is dancing. I'm not saying I'm a good dancer but as long as girls know I am having the time of my life. they will be impressed. If there is no dance floor you still need to somehow become the life of the party. I truly value the power of dancing, but I do understand that there are "non dancers" out there... and many of them. So if initiating that exciting, confident "aura" on the floor just isn't your thing - you will need to stick with me here.

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