Attract Women by Mastering the Art of Body Language Attraction

When you see a woman sitting next to you in a bar, you may find it difficult to easily start a conversation while indirectly letting her know that you find her attractive. Some people have enough courage to approach and simply blurt the words out, and get it done with. Still, there are some guys who choose to get the message across from a distance. If you are lucky, she'll probably just walk away. If you're unlucky and she finds it too obscene, it's a potential lawsuit or a slap in the face. So, It's a good time to perfect the art of body language attraction.

Remember that words are not the only means of communication, and because you are still limited by the distance between you and her, look for ways to deliver your message. Experts will say that 90 percent of human conversations are void of words. Animals who lack the faculty of speech are experts of the trade. They get through the mating season by either flapping their wings or making some silly gestures. The comparison may sound odd but the truth of the matter is that body language attraction is one of the most effective ways to get the attention of the opposite sex. If you have not been that conscious about your body movements and if you are not familiar with how to use it in place of words, practice and observation will help you communicate better with the female pack.

1. Make a Statement

Making a statement without speaking a single word may sound complicated. But it's as easy as getting rid of gestures and movements that may give the impression that you are insecure. The last person a woman would like to exchange words with is someone who lacks confidence and fidgets all the time. This is the essential point in body language attraction: the first impression can either make it or break it. Make yourself look confident and move with certainty. Using body language to attract women starts with making a good impression about yourself and to make her think that you are an interesting person to talk to without even saying a word. You can start by keeping your eyes steady, stop looking around the room as if you're lost and you want to find your way out.

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2. Mark Your Turf

The space you occupy will tell more about you than you think it would. A man who takes more space in the room is more likely to be someone with confidence than the man you slips around finding an empty spot to finish his drink. Body language attraction includes setting up your turf and by demonstrating the kind of dominance that women find attractive.

3. Entering Unknown Territory

A simple glance in your direction may mean many things. It can either mean than your body language attraction methods are working or simply that the toilet is right behind you and she needs to do something that concerns her bladder. You will never know until you enter her space. If you are in a party and she's surrounded with a group of people, it may be difficult to make her think that you want to enter her space and start a conversation than when she's alone. But no matter what the circumstance is, approach her and start a conversation. You may want to talk about something that she can relate to without exerting too much effort like how the party is going or how she is related to the host.

Now that you have come close enough to make her hear you easily without shouting, continue using body language attraction to bring her closer to you without being too nosy. Start by touching on relatively safe items like her jewelry, car keys or mobile phone and then make simple compliments. And if she doesn't seem to mind, get a little more intimate and touch body parts like her hair, do playful pokes, or lightly touch her hands, but don't get too low or you might spoil everything.

Attracting women is no easy feat. Perfection cannot just happen overnight so you might need to make use of your Saturday nights to practice. Observe how women react to your methods. Adjust and make some personal changes if the need or if the situation calls for it, and then analyze the results. Real life experience will teach you everything that you need to know. The art of body language attraction needs practice - a lot of it, actually.

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