Becoming Dedicated to Attracting Women

For all that us guys believe we know, really learning how to be successful at romance and relationships requires a total reconstruction of the information we have and what we believe is true. Learning how to go from a shy or overbearing guy to one who is confident and is dedicated to attracting women requires a significant amount of effort. Desire is just not enough in this case.

When we receive the information for the first time, have our eyes opened and realize that we are operating on moot principles and old timer ethics, we go through a process that allows us to shed our old beliefs and recreate new more effective ones. Yet that is not where the reconstruction ends. We have to go deep, delve into the heart of who we are, and really work at adopting our new principles as a way of life while also remaining open to changing principles that don't work any longer as we go along.

Being ready to attract women means that we are ready to accept the work involved, accept that our old principles are not working not only for us, but for anyone who is dedicated to that belief system. Being ready to attract women means being ready and willing to throw down and get real. With being authentically honest with ourselves and those around us, there really isn't much hope for dramatic and long lasting changes.

If you want to become dedicated to attracting women then you have to ready to go through the painful process of learning to love and accept yourself and other people just as they are. This can take a significant amount of effort and the effort can seem like an impassable mountain resting on our personal horizon.

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Fortunately we don't have to run over the mountain at top speed. We simply take it one step and a time. And just like making over a really difficult mountain, we may need to try several different approaches before our footing becomes firm enough to take the next step. Despite all of our amazing technology and our advances in medicine and scientific research, the internal work that a guy must do to live out a successful and happy social life is still done through the manual process of labor intensive effort.

There is no button pushing shortcut and there is no autopilot to do the job for us. We simply have to reach a point of continued dedication and an honest desire to move forward in this direction.

Throughout every single step and every new achievement and accomplishment that you create, you are exercising the power of choice. You can choose not to ever take the first step. You can choose to go halfway and stop. You can choose to spend a year on every single principle. You can also choose to go headlong into it and revitalize your life in a few short months.

Everything you do regarding changing the success you are experiencing romantically is the result of a choice. And the freedom of choice makes it so much easier to commit to a decision.

The more we exercise our power of options and choices and the more we stop putting our successes and failures into the hands of women or other people, the less we are victims of others and a systematic methodology that our society has adopted. We get to reclaim our own right as men to be happy and successful.

The amazing and truly unique prospect that is still ultimately a gift to us all is that everything that we apply in order to become more successful in our social life and our romantic entanglements applies directly to the way we deal with other areas of our life.

We can apply the principles of confidence and honest assertiveness to getting promotions and seeking new employment. We can apply the powers of self belief to returning to school for a greater education. Every step of self improvement that we take to empower our lives on the dating circuit applies to every other situation or relationship in our life.

And when we start internalizing new ideas and new belief systems and truly caring for our own wellbeing, we can't help but to notice positive changes in the rest of our lives as well. A complete overhaul of beliefs and behaviors to help create the successful man is hard work, dedication, and enthusiastic commitment for change. Of course, the successful man is one who determines himself to be successful.

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