How To Approach and Attract Women

You have probably heard a thousand pick-up lines. In fact, you have probably even tried a few. And let me guess, most did not work did they?

That's to be expected. The female sex is an interesting bunch and men have been trying to find the best way to approach and attract women for thousands of years. Guys will use all sorts of tactics to try to grab their attention. Some will buy them a drink, some will try to show off their muscles while others will try a variety of corny pick-up lines.

In reality, all these tactics can be counterproductive. Girls, especially attractive ones, get offered drinks and hear standard pick-up lines every night they go out. They are used to this attention and see guys flaunting themselves in front of them all the time. It's standard issue for them, and if you use the same methods you then become just another desperate guy trying to get in their pants. DO NOT fall into this trap.

The key to approaching women is to make it appear that you are engaging in conversation simply out of convenience. You do not want them to think you are hitting on them, but rather that you are simply talking to them because they happen to be there. It can be tricky, but there a few ways you can achieve this.

If you see a girl you are interested in or attracted to, do not just go up and start talking. You have to be in their general proximity for a reason. If they are at the bar, maybe you are there just to get a drink. Or a friend of yours is standing around her and you went over to talk to him. I like to position myself close to my "target" and establish that there is a reason I am there before I say a word to her.

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At first, when you assume your position close to her, go against any urge to gawk, stare or pay attention to her. Make it clear you are not there for her. When you do actually speak to her, she will be convinced she was just lucky enough to be standing near you at that time.

So what do you say? My favorite "opener" is a question that asks for an opinion. It makes it seems like you are just asking for her opinion on an issue that is on your mind rather than talking to her because you want to impress her.

One I love using is "Hey, let me ask you something. I just talked to my friend who broke up with this girl he has been seeing for a couple of months. Well, he broke up with her by text message. Do you think it's OK to breakup with someone by text message?"

When you are delivering this line make sure you are smiling, standing tall and deliver it with confidence. It's important not to show your nerves in your body language. And make it funny! This topic opens up a whole bunch of doors and usually the girl will think it is quirky and funny. Try to make her laugh and always have a few follow up lines waiting that are funny.

For example, if she automatically says no and claims your friend is a jerk, you can say something like "Yeah, I think he is just bitter since his last girlfriend broke up with him on facebook messenger."" You can then launch into a story about this breakup.....there is lots of opportunity to make it funny.

The initial approach is all about being casual and having the girl not interpret your actions as "picking her up". The opinion opener does exactly this as long as you make it appear that you are honestly just picking their head. There are tons of options. Some others include "Who do you think lie more often? Girls or guys?" or "My 16 year old sister wants to get a tattoo of her boyfriends name, but I really don't think it's great idea. What do you think?"

These lines can open up some awesome conversations. If you have a casual and unique approach followed by funny and interesting conversation, you are on your way to attracting that girl you never dreamed would pay attention to you! You see, learning how to approach and attract women can be fun and easy! Next time you are out on the town, try out some of these techniques.

This lesson is simply a small part of the art of seduction. The quality of the available information on social dynamics, sexual skills and how to succeed with women has vastly improved and offers any guy an opportunity to be successful with the woman of their dreams. It's a fascinating art and I hope you choose to continue your studies!

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