You Are Not Too Short Or Ugly to Attract Women

If you want to get a girl to have sex with you, but are scared about your height or being to ugly, then you can use some Alpha male guidance here. You may be an average looking guy with a high-pitched voice, or have looks that only your mother or family would adore, but that does not stop you from getting hot girls.

The physical factors are not the only concern with women and so there is no need for you to panic. You can look attractive by simply changing a few personality traits along with body language to get surrounded by girls. Alpha male would ensure that you are able to stop being worried and upset about your physical flaws. Not being confident about you is one of the biggest flaws, which is more destructive than looks.

So, no matter how much you hate your height or the way you look, Alpha male is going to provide a solution and make you look more attractive to women. Now you can get any woman and also get plenty of wows from everyone. If you become an alpha male then you can eliminate all your flaws and also turn them into your advantage.

There are so many short guys or ugly looking men who have been able to get success and attention from women. So, you can use all these ways to attract women and become their center of interest.

If you think that you have a high pitched voice and it can turn off women then think again. With a high pitched voice most people would not be able to know if you are a man or a woman on the phone. This can also get embarrassing at times but there is really no need for you to shy away from girls because of it. If you just hang your head in shame and turn into beta males then you will never get laid and won't be able to attain a status where you can actually get that oomph factor.

There are a lot of men who have got coached with these Alpha male strategies and hence they are able to limit their beliefs in concern with their voices, the way they look, genetics and other related factors. So, you can name any trait and there would be one guy who would use it as a negative factor. Any form of negative belief, is going to sabotage your chances of success with women.


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Any negative factor can be turned into lucrative traits for you, if you are able to master the technique. You can turn a small flaw like high pitched voice into a big trademark through comical acts, humor and using it at the right time. This will only make you more attractive to women.

If you are aware of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP, then you should try and get enrolled for sessions because this will help you tremendously in improving your voice.

There is a concept called reframing, which is used by many Alpha males to develop confidence and this can be easily learnt and applied. The concept of reframing is basically related with every negative belief that you have. All of these negative beliefs can be turned to positive aspects.

Here is how

- Instead of feeling that you hate your voice, you should think how to use your unique voice traits, to get your own trademark that can set you apart from a lot of other people.

- If you have a face, which is pockmarked from acne then, you should not pity yourself but this should become how you can improve your looks, to attract more women or think that you are getting as cute as Archie.

- Those who are too short should stop sulking and think of ways through which they can actually look taller. These include methods like, using vertical stripes and wearing boots.

As you are sitting and pondering over these questions, you would be able to access all the answers or simply refer to 'how to be an Alpha male' for using other methods.

For example, this may be to your advantage that you are not a handsome boy. If you think that most women expect good-looking men to approach them, then you are right. So, you need to take them off guard and unexpectedly. Go to them and display all the confidence of the alpha male. They would not be expecting you to hit on them or pick them and they would love your confidence. This Alpha male personality can actually work wonders for you and the woman would certainly love to know more about you.

Those who are short in height can use this advantage because women are easily attracted to guys. Most tall guys have a psychological communication barrier, which happens because they speak to a lot of girls as compared to shorter guys. Hence, their approach and conversational skills have a little more limitations and expectations.

So, keep in mind that your flaws don't get in your way of attracting women, it is actually the beliefs that do. If you think that your ugly looking face is getting in the way of getting a woman to bed with you, then you are wrong. It is actually the belief that you have about your face, which will be interfering with your inner sense of confidence. Hence, it is the lack of confidence, which gets women to avoid you.

One of the vital factors, for a woman to be attracted to a guy, is his confidence level. So, you should focus on becoming an Alpha male by getting comfortable with yourself and try to turn your flaws from weaknesses into traits, which would set you apart from regular guys.

Now stop reading after this paragraph and go and get a pen or open a blank document, where you will write down your negative beliefs. Once the negative list is completed, write positive, uplifting traits about yourself and how you can make these flaws into attractions. Use reframing here and get the confidence to attract girls naturally and be a true Alpha male.

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