How To Use Goal Setting To Attract Women Instantly

Do you know the feeling you get after a date, where you know you could've done more? The feeling that it was a failure?

If so, you probably need to pay attention to goal setting.

Goal setting is a very important factor that determines your road to success. Success is determined and measured by the goals you have accomplished.

Let's say you go out to party and your daily goal is to get some girl's phone number.

Let's see what we get here:

1. If you accomplished your mission-to get the phone number, you will be satisfied, you will increase your self worth and your confidence in this area.

2. You're relieved because you got what you want and when you approach another woman you won't be nervous and you will do better.

Another problem is not setting any goal. Your main goal is to get girls, but if you don't say that, you won't know what to look for and where to focus your efforts.

Did you see the difference?

Long term goals are necessary in order to know what you want and the short term goals bring you there.

Let's say that you want to sleep with the girl that you met in the party. This is your long term goal-this is where you want to be.

The short term goals are meant to take you there. In our case the short term goals are:

o Start talking to her

o Get her phone number

o Get a first date.

o Get the first kiss.

o Do oral sex

o To sleep with her

As you can see, if you take your big goal and divide it to a few small ones, it's much easier to do that and you will be motivated to do that because you will see that you can reach the goal.

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With every step you reach, your self worth and confidence increase. This is a very powerful tool for everything in life.

There are a few things that you need to pay attention to when you set your goals:

First, don't set goals that you can't reach, that will increase the chances for failure. If you never ask a girl out and your goal is to sleep with her, it's impossible. First set the main goal - getting her to go out with you, after you did it, follow to the next main goal, to kiss her and continue... That way you get experience and your self worth grows...

Secondly, don't try to reach your goal alone, that is certainly the formula to failure. This vital for your success because sometimes it isn't your day, and everything goes wrong, so it's easy to just give up when you are alone but when you go with another friend, he pushes you and gives you motivation to continue... And of course he will need you as well.

There are common mistakes when it comes to setting goals. If you learn from the experience of others, your chances to reach your goals are very high.

Never set too many goals: when you go to a party and your goal is to get 10 phone numbers, this is the best formula to failure. Start with one phone number and when you feel comfortable with that goal and it is easy for you, reach the next level: 2 phone numbers and etc... That way you build your experience and self worth because you achieve your goals.

Setting improper time frames: Have you ever set a goal that you told yourself you would reach in a much shorter time than was ever possible? This is very common. Setting a goal to sleep with a girl tonight isn't realistic. It is better to reach the goals slowly than not reaching them at all.

Staying Focused: if you want to get a phone number tonight, do your best to get it. A very common mistake is trying to achieve several goals at once. If you want to get a phone number, stay focused on it and don't think about other goals, because then you don't focus and you don't reach any goal.

So you're probably asking yourself, What Is The most effective Way To Succeed?

-Define Your Goals: Set specific goals.

A wrong goal is: "tonight I want to get girls", it's too general. That way, you can't know what to reach, how to reach it and when.

A correct goal is: "tonight I want to get a phone number"... Did you see the difference?

Here you know exactly what you want to reach and how... You know where to put you efforts and you can be satisfied because you know you've reached your goal.

-Set a Plan: What's the plan? Where do you want to act? How do you want to act? When?

If you will set a plan before acting, I can promise you that you will notice a huge difference in your results.

-Set realistic goals.

To set a realistic goal means to set a goal that you can achieve in a reasonable amount of time. It's unrealistic to "be a professional athlete and run 100 meters in 9 seconds flat a year from today" if you're now 50 years old. Plus, assuming that you don't have the basic skills in athletics, you'll almost never run that fast in one year.

-Set priorities.

Prioritize your goals. This will help you focus on the important ones first. It will also help you to avoid from feeling overwhelmed by too many goals. Goals should be MEASURABLE.

You need a way to measure the progress and some specific criteria that will tell you the goal is achieved. Without measurements, you are just spinning your wheels. Feeling the progression is very important for you to stay motivated and enjoy the process of achieving the goal.

"To get girls tonight"-this goal isn't measurable.

"To get 2 phone numbers tonight" this is measurable goal.

In conclusion, to set goals correctly is a necessary step in order to attract women correctly and easily.

Remember, before any situation with women or something else, set realistic goals and tell yourself what you want to reach from the situation.

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