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To Get Women, You First Need to "Get" Women

Most guys don't get women because they don't "get" women - i.e. they don't understand where women are coming from emotionally. But when you understand how attraction works in women, suddenly you start to "get" women. Watch this video to the end (and you can even view part two) because it REALLY explains a lot.

This means man usually makes the first move. Even if she's interested in you, the most she's likely to do is to stand near you or make eye contact a couple times to encourage you to approach her.

Once you see her, don't hesitate. 10 minutes from now she might not be there or another guy might have beaten you to the punch. Plus, women can tell when you're working up the courage to approach. Shyness might be endearing in movies and romance novels, but it doesn't work in the real world. Approach right away, even if you don't know what you're going to say.

Fun and playful works much better than serious and deep. This is true whether you want a series of one-night stands or whether you're like a recent client of mine who told me my job for him was to find me a wife.

Even serious women go out because they want to relax and have fun. There’s a time and a place for being serious and deep, but it's not within 15 minutes of meeting her. Smile, laugh, and don't take everything too seriously.

To Get Women, Be a Challenge

Men who are experienced in how to get women know that you can't make it too easy for her. If she knows that she can have you before she's done anything to deserve your attention other than being pretty, then she might be flattered, but she won't be attracted.

Even if you approach her with a compliment, which is something that is often done in day game, let this mean that she has your curiosity, not your undying love. Don't give her compliments she hasn't earned.

How You Dress is Your Identity

Attractive women get hit on so much that they don't have time to get to know every single man who wants to talk to her. Within 30-90 seconds, she's going to decide if you're a "maybe" or a "no." A lot of that comes from how you dress.

It's not just being fashionable. It's about projecting who you are. Mixed messages are confusing and make women think you're trying to hide something or be someone you're not. Lawyers don't wear ripped jeans. Musicians don't dress like accountants. Fun, confident men don't dress to blend in. And so on.

Be Man Enough to Get Help!

Men aren't "supposed" to seek out advice on how to get women or ask their friends how do I get a girl. We don't sit around analyzing each other's relationships.

Still, picking up beautiful women is a skill that anyone can learn with enough time, practice, and access to the right resources. Sometimes the techniques go against "conventional wisdom" or what seems to work in movies and romance novels. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and try them – they DO work and they are a huge advantage over the competition.

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